Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Birthday Club

Tomorrow is a day to celebrate the birth of one of our birthday club girls. My sister started a birthday club, made up of 7 ladies, many, many years ago. We celebrate each other's birthdays and throw the most special party of all; a total girly party. We take turns hosting the events in each of our homes and it gives us an opportunity to not only cook yummy food, but also celebrate the birth of a special friend.

There is always lots of laughter, sometimes tears, fun presents and excellent food. We keep the presents simple and have even done "re-gifting" in an attempt to save a few dollars. It lasted about a year and then we decided to make our gifts. Those that feel creative, can make a present, or those that don't, can purchase something small. We know each other so well and what each other enjoys, it is never a hard time coming up with something.

Our next party is at my sister's house and I can guarantee it will be decorated most beautifully. I am helping her with the food and have offered to bring a salad and homemade rolls. A wise woman at church taught me how to make homemade rolls and they are so much better than purchasing rolls. Oh believe me, I have done that plenty in my life time and I will continue to do it. But there is something about fresh baked rolls and the taste of yeast. It is even better to smell them baking in your oven.

The rolls are done baking and my home is filled with the sweet smell of flour and yeast. And better yet, they are yummy in my tummy....they turned out delightful! (I had one for a snack)

May all of your birthday's be as blessed as can be and make sure you celebrate with those that are MOST special to you!

Bread is like dresses, hats and shoes—in other words, essential!
Emily Post

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