Saturday, August 23, 2008

Let's Play House

Today was a rather fun day. My son and I started our day by visiting a small zoo close to our home town with other families from our church. It isn't a very large zoo by any means, but just enough animals to make it interesting. Instead of the lions, tigers and bears, they have more animals native to the Midwest. But, they have some things I have never seen before, and let's just say, God must have been tired when he whipped up these guys, because they are not the most attractive creatures.

My favorite animal at the zoo were these cute ground hogs that worked so vigorously at digging their holes to their home, and could only stop for a brief moment to chew on some food. Wonder what their home looks like underground?

Once our visit at the zoo was over, we decided to stay and do a little shopping while away from home with new shops to discover. Since I love to scrapbook, we visited a store I had been to before to select some fun new things. My son was a bit bored, but he suffered through it. Scrapbooking is such a neat hobby because where else can you crave your addiction to a hobby and spend as little as $1.00 on a package of stickers? Of course I rarely spend $1.00, but if I wanted to, I could!

We decided to see what this city's down town had to offer, and boy am I glad I did. I found this quaint little french boutique that had everything a girl could NEED! I found the most adorable dishes called "Let's Play House". They are little dishes girls would use to bake while playing house, but this big girl will use them in her house. Are they not the cutest thing you've ever seen??? I plan on using the muffin tin in my scrapbook room to hold embellishments. I also love the miniature cake stand. I may give the others away as gifts, but I'll wait before I make any definite decisions, because they may just need to stay in my home.

It's time for movie night with my son. Always a good excuse for popcorn. Hope you enjoy your Saturday night.

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  1. I want those dishes!!! Ahhhh! :) Did you draw my name for Christmas...I simply can not remember. HA!
    The Big Sis