Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mah Na Mah Na.....

Within 30 minutes, my stomach hurt from laughing so hard and I had a headache. I discovered something new today, a Playlist. It was so much fun creating it, I went to my Sister's house to show her. Both of us are new to blog world, so we wanted to add our favorite songs to our playlist and have them play on our site.

Before you know it, she was thinking of songs from our childhood and Sesame Street. Everyday, after school, I remember watching Sesame Street and The Muppet Show, my two all time favorites. Well, while searching Playlist for songs, she wanted the Sesame Street Theme Song. Then she discovered Rubber Duckie and "C" is for Cookie and then the kicker of them all.....Mah Na Mah Na. If you are a child from the 70's, you'll remember, oh yes, you will remember. Click below in my Playlist and enjoy the reminiscing, but be prepared to laugh so hard it will make your stomach hurt. It brought back the best memories of my big sissy and the best TV show in the world. Mah Na Mah Na!

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