Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pink Lady Apple Pie

I have just stumbled upon something I can not do with regards to cooking....make a homemade pie crust. You might remember I purchased this extra sweet cookbook, "Sweety Pies", with nothing but pie recipes in it and the low-down on making a crust from scratch. Tonight I gave it a trial run, and I'm pretty sure it's failing as I type this.

My son asked if we could "make" something. He enjoys cooking and every now and then, wants to whip something up to call his own. He didn't know what he wanted to cook so we dug through my cookbooks and later he decided on an apple pie. I hesitated, and said OK, let's give it a try. He looked through my new pie cookbook and settled on Pink Lady Apple Pie. The filling was easy, the crust was not. I made many mistakes; I don't believe my shortening was chilled enough, my dough was too wet, I didn't use enough flour when I rolled out the dough; I think you catch my drift.

Since we only had 3 apples, we decided to make little tartlets so that we could have a full pie, but just in miniature form. They are in the oven cooking and it doesn't look like my top crust is getting brown, however they do smell yummy. I told my Mom about it and her words of wisdom, "Well you must start someplace". I'll let you know how they turn out tomorrow. In any event, they looked darn cute before I placed them in the oven. But instead of giving up, I'll try again on another day, but maybe see if Mom can come over for moral support and her hands of wisdom.

Ahhh....the sweet smell of Apple Pie
filled the home.

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