Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And so our adventure begins....

My sissy and I decided months ago we wanted to attend the Country Living Fair in Columbus Ohio. My brother-in-law booked our hotel, we ordered our fair tickets and the planning began. We left last Thursday morning once we dropped the kiddo's off at school and were on our way. I think we made it a few hours before our first stop. We passed a K-Mart and since our area no longer has one, we turned around and went back to see what Martha Stewart stuff we could find. Nothing too exciting, so we were back on the road heading toward Ohio.

My brother-in-law is the "King" of technology and has one of them GPS (or whatever they are called) things. It helps you navigate and get where you are going. Her name is ............Judy! There were times my sister and I doubted "the Judster" so we went our own way. In her own pleasant little voice, she would respond "recalculating", but what she was really saying was "you stupid idiot, once again you aren't following my directions". In the end, Judy only failed us one time and after a few attempts at going our own way, my sister and I realized Judy really was the better navigator and we followed her from then on.

We didn't realize Ohio was so hilly. It was quite pretty, and we talked about how lovely the trees must look in the fall. The drive took us about 6 hours and we knew we where in Columbus when the skyline changed from semi-flat, to tall buildings. The inner city was pretty, not very hard to get around (thanks to Judy) and quite pretty with a river that runs through it.

Once we found our hotel, we were off looking for a shopping center and a place to eat. We didn't find a shopping center, but we found a Jo-Anns fabric, a girls next best thing. We were in there for probably a couple of hours and after driving around aimlessly looking for a place to eat (no help from Judy), we decided to go back to our hotel and order a pizza. The food was good, the bed was comfy, and our first day had come to an end.

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