Thursday, September 18, 2008

Off To The Fair We Go!

Before leaving for Ohio, my sister was watching the forecast and unfortunately, it wasn't showing anything good. It called for rain the whole time we were gone, and by the time we headed home, Hurricane Ike was expected to move over the Midwest to drop even more rain. Lovely! Nevertheless, we headed out with umbrellas in tow. And it's a good thing, because it was raining before we ever got out of the car.

We stood in line for over an hour to make sure we had a front line spot for the opening of the fair. I really don't know why, because we were not in a hurry to purchase anything. We visited with a sweet lady from Wisconsin the whole time and she was a wealth of knowledge when it came to these fairs. I learned that very talented ladies made crafts and sold them at these types of events. But these weren't your hokey wooden or cheesy crafts like a lot of places have. These were artists that many people collected their works of art. My curiosity was killing me, was it time to open yet? We also stood next to this hip lady with this cute basket on wheels (decorated with real daisy's).

Before the gates even opened, the rain started pouring down but we ventured on. Everything was set up so pretty and neat. We felt so sorry for the vendors because they couldn't even get out all of their pretties because of the rain. We still found some things we couldn't live without, but we didn't spend an arm and a leg to get them. My sister's favorite bloggers "The Farm Chicks" were there with their own tent. I really wanted to get her picture with them, but she didn't want to bother them since they were busy. They had some cute things for sale as well.

We walked around the fair for a few hours and got to see some of the greatest female artists that could design the most adorable items. God has made some talented ladies I tell you! Even though the best artists charged too much for my wallet, it was fun to look at their pretties. In the end, here is a display of my treasures. My favorite, the lion I purchased for my son. He was made with wool and there were a TON of different animals. It was so hard to purchase just one.

Our trip to the fair was fun, rainy fun, and I think I could go back again.


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