Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oh Give Me a Home, Where the Buffalo Roam.....

And the deer and the antelope really do play, along with the grey fox, black bear, and a few birds. There is this really fun Wildlife Prairie Park a few hours away from where we live that I discovered a couple years ago. You can't call it a zoo because the animals are in their natural territory, just behind fences so they stay in captivity. There are trails that lead you all around to see the animals.

The highlight was the lodging. They do not have a hotel, they have individual lodging and you get to take your pick from....a horse stable, a cabin, a grain bin or the best of the best....a caboose! The have 4 cabooses, lined up, on a rail road track. It is very cool, especially if you have a son that has grown up loving trains.

On our way home we stopped in the city, it's a river city, so we went down to the water front for lunch. My son picked the best pizza place, Chicago style pizza.....Yum-O! Then we headed to the next largest city and did a bit of shopping. Instead of taking the interstate the rest of the way home, we headed for the country because of something we saw on our way to the Wildlife Park. We saw a Wind Farm from the interstate, so we had to see these large windmills up close. They really were beautiful in the sky. There were hundreds of these things, just moving so slowly and gracefully in the wind. So simple, yet in their own special way, so pretty.

I hope you had a splendid Saturday too!

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