Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Seed Collection

Ahhhh...the joy of being in school all over again. I'm 38 years old, but I'm really in the 4th grade (along with my 9 year old son). School is in full bloom with all kinds of homework to do each night. That is the bad part about the 4th grade. The good part, doing fun projects like a seed collection.
We started collecting seeds a week ago when the assignment came home. The teacher gave the class 2 weeks to complete. My Mom and Sister have been saving seeds for us as well. We actually ended up with some pretty neat ones in addition to the usual; apple, watermelon. We have pumpkin, sesame, poppy, lemon, avocado, jalapeno, peach, Hosta (plant), cherry, and the best of all....persimmon!

We have a persimmon tree in our back yard and when we were 1 seed short, my son remembered the tree so we headed outside for a look. It's pitch black so we are walking in our jammies with flash lights, through the wet grass. We picked some (un-ripe) persimmons and headed back inside to see what hid inside. Much to our amaze, there were little seeds similar to a green pepper seeds, but BRIGHT orange. Then when I cut into a larger persimmon, there was this seed that looked exactly like a green lima bean. Personally I was quite amazed because I have never eaten this fruit let alone cut it open!

My Dad is an expert on persimmons because my Grandma used to bake persimmon pudding when he was little. We had to call him to discuss this odd discovery. He said if you cut the bean pod thingy open, it will tell you what type of winter we should expect. I heard him tell my son something about them being bright orange. I don't think the news was good, but I never did get the whole story once he got off the phone. But Dad did confirm they have this bean pod thing with smaller seeds inside. And that's where the weird wives tale comes into play. I better Google that and see what I can find.

In the end, we went back outside and gathered about 12 more persimmons and cut each of them open. We ended up with way more bean pods then the egg carton could hold, so we pitched some. But our research, led to some fun discoveries and an awesome seed collection. Here is our final product, I predict an A+!!!

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