Sunday, September 21, 2008

We Are Outta Here!!

After a few hours of dealing with the pouring rain, my Sister and I decided to leave the fair for warm clothes and new adventures .... INDOORS! After getting cleaned up, we asked the men at our hotel "where do you go around here for shopping?". Even though they were men, they led us in the perfection direction. We ended up in Easton Shopping Center, or should I call it Shopping Town. It was HUGE! Needless to say they had more shopping then a person could need or have the time or money to explore. The bad part, the design of the shopping center was like a strip-mall so we still had to walk outdoors a lot. Even though I was cold, I still had one of these.....pumpkin! Yum-O!!!

After many hours of shopping, we were even more cold and tired so back to the hotel we went. We took warm showers and put our jammies on for a night indoors. We rented a movie, don't remember the name but it was excellent, and had another fun evening just being sisters.

The next morning it was our day to head back home. However, we decided to take our sweet time driving home and as long as we made it by 9:00pm, we would be in no hurry. While we were getting our final things packed in our hotel room, a bit of excitement over took us. The sound of the fire alarm started blaring. It was 9:00am and luckily, we were ready to leave, because the last thing I wanted to do was go outside in my PJ's. We grabbed our stuff and headed for the lobby. We were greeted to fire trucks and firemen coming inside our hotel. We heard the desk clerks tell them it was a false alarm "however we did have an oven smoking in the kitchen". See ya, we are leaving!

It was nice to know the city of Columbus had very responsive firemen. And cute too! :)

We left the city and firetrucks behind us, and made it about 5 miles outside of the city before we decided to stop for breakfast. It didn't take us long to realize we stumbled upon a nice little shopping area, excellent! After eating breakfast we shopped around for a few more hours and before we knew it, it was lunch time. Wow time flies when you're having fun. We ate at Chipolte, a first for both of us, and decided....maybe we better get back on the road to home.

We left the area and at least made it to Indiana before we made our next stop. We spotted this gigantic candle from the interstate and knew we had to see what this thing was all about. Come to find out it was a Warm Glow outlet store with millions of candles (and other neat items).

We shopped around this store for maybe an hour and once again said, let's get going. We piled in the car with our goodies and made it as far as the entrance of the candle place before making our next detour. We saw a sign for an antique mall with 500 vendors. We had to go!

One thing my sister and I are not good at is details. Throughout our trip we would spot signs and say "hey, let's go there", but we didn't pay attention to where....there....was. This was the case with the antique shop. Luck was on our side, we did stumble upon the place and went inside to find some treasures. Both of us found a couple little things we couldn't live without, but luckily the store closed so we didn't get to spend much time browsing. Finally, we were back on the road and we told ourselves, the only allowed stops were 1) dinner, 2) gas and 3) potty breaks.

In the end, it took us 12 hours to get home for a 6 hour drive. Pretty good I would say, wouldn't you?

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