Sunday, October 12, 2008

Black Walnuts Can Be Scary

I've lived in my new home for a year and a half. This is the second Fall season we have experienced in our new place. Our back yard is the home of a huge black walnut tree that decided to bear nuts this year since it didn't last year. Things were going OK with this tree until this weekend, and that was when I decided the sky HAD to be falling.

The nuts are ripe and when that happens, they start to fall from the tree. I must say, I learned quickly that the back yard could be a war zone so you do not enter it unless you wear a hard hat. Those darn nuts are large, heavy and fall from the tree going 90 miles an hour! Well, maybe not that fast, but those suckers could hurt you. So, although I was smart enough to realize this, the home isn't safe from these bombs.

This morning while drinking my coffee I kept hearing this noise hitting the house that sounded like someone was taking a bat and whacking the side of the house. Finally I figured out, those darn nuts are falling from the tree. Not only do they hit the roof and rattle it, they bounce off and hit the fence, patio furniture, air conditioner, shed and anything else in the way. So you hear lots of rattling. The poor cats run around starring up at the ceiling wondering what is coming in to get them. I feel the same way.

So, instead of letting them take me, I decided to take them. I ventured into the war zone tonight to gather those that had fallen. My Mom and Dad told me how to harvest them so I decided to give it a try. I love walnuts so I thought I might as well try it since I have my own tree. Well, two 5 gallon buckets later, I decided this was a crazy idea, no one needs that many nuts. I think I'm mad at them for being so big and scary so I want to crack them open and eat them! Or bake them in some bread. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel like taking on the big, bad nuts. :)

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