Monday, October 6, 2008


Today is my sister and brother-in-law's 18th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Sissy and Brother! We celebrated their day with a dinner at my parents home. Mom baked a yummy ham with all of the fixin's. We sat around the dinner table once dinner was done to reminisce about the last 18 years, shared the good times and the bad, and had lots of laughs. I love being with my family, every single one of them. My two nieces had stories to tell about their day at school, my Dad told a story about a lady he ran off the road (on accident....of course) and my son told everyone about the digital camera he brought home from school.

His class is creating a photo story to describe "A Day In The Life Of Me". Each child gets to bring home a camera and take 10 pictures of themselves and their daily life. My son wanted to get a picture of his whole family since we were all together. It took probably 10 minutes to gather the whole group. As soon as you would have three, one would leave to go find the other. Then another would mosey into the living room after everyone kept yelling at the top of their lungs. FINALLY, everyone arrived, but then we couldn't figure out how to work the camera. I kept pushing the wrong buttons which would take pictures of the group, minus me. My brother-in-law (the technical savvy one of the family) decided he better take a look. He finally got it and before we knew it, the camera's timer was going off and it flashed the second he got back into the group.

We were all laughing so hard, it didn't turn out the best, but you know it is a picture that best suits us. A bunch of goof-balls that love being around one another and enjoying all of the little bits of time we get with one another. I would share the picture with you, but I look the worse out of them all.

I hope you get to spend fun times with your family too.

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