Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fetch....with a cat??

I'm starting to believe my cat was a dog in his previous life. Or maybe it's just that my son wants a dog so bad, but we can't have one, so God sent us this cat instead. Our male cat Tiger plays fetch. His favorite toy is this gold shiny ball that he will chase hours on end. It is a trick my son taught him and even though Tiger will chase about anything, he loves this ball.

One night I put my son to bed, crawled into bed to read and the next thing I knew, Tiger jumped on my bed carrying his gold love toy. He looked at me, dropped it by my hand, sat down and starred at me as if he was saying "Throw it, I dare you". So, I did! He shot off that bed faster than any dog could run and picked up the ball in his mouth and brought it back to me. We played this game for probably 5 minutes until my arm got tired.

I wish you all could see my cat-dog. He may not have a rubber ball, instead he has a cool gold fluffy ball. Kind of like him I guess. I'm so glad I have him to make me laugh, even if it is the craziest thing to see.

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