Sunday, October 12, 2008

Me, My Dad, An Apple and a Pear

This afternoon my Dad and I picked apple and pears and they were quite bountiful. I have never seen a pear tree and I must say, these pears were gigantic! As my Dad said "These things are as big as softballs", and he was right. The pears were not quite ripe, but my wise father told me to wrap them in newspaper and store them in my shed and in a week, they will be ripe enough to eat. We found a few that were ripe enough to eat, so we shared one of the yummy, sweet pieces of fruit. My Mom loves pears and so does my son so I know she will enjoy the harvest.

After the pear tree we headed to the yellow apple tree and picked a few of those to add to our pile. Once we made it to the Red Delicious apple tree all of our buckets were full so Dad could not carry it up the ladder with him. Instead I stood at the bottom while he tossed them down to me. Our bucket was flowing over with the red and yellow fruit so we knew we had to call it quits and leave the rest for others to enjoy.

I love spending time with my Dad (and you too Mom). My son jumps at every chance he gets to spend with PaPa and I know why. He is so much fun to be with and a wealth of knowledge. Dad didn't go to college, but he has far more knowledge and experience than any University can give you. I'm proud to have him as my Dad (and you too Mom)! :) I love them more than anything I have. Thank you God for giving me the best parents known.

Now, I think I need to bake something with this yummy fruit my Daddy and I gathered.

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