Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Spooks Come Out at Night

This morning I woke up, shuffled out to the kitchen, still groggy from a nights sleep. Barely awake I walk over to the coffee pot so I can get some energy going, but as I peer out the kitchen window, I notice toilet paper on my patio. Still half asleep I think to myself, how did that get there, did it blow over from a neighbor? I try to focus more and I rubber-neck-it outside my kitchen window and notice MORE toilet paper. Now the blood starts flowing and I go to the back of the house and rip open the blind to find THIS.....toilet paper blowing in the wind from my back tree. THOSE LITTLE @&%&%$!@*!!!!

I walk quickly to the front of the house, tear open my bay window blinds and find this.....

Then as a peace offering, they left this................

I on the other hand, left millions and millions of these...............

If anything, the culprits may have twisted their ankles while tossing the toilet paper through my trees by stepping on my lovely walnuts.

So all day I have been wondering, who did this??? Some crazy friends of mine, high school kids from our church, someone I don't know??? Then, my sister calls me tonight to see what my son thought of the tee-pee, and she spilled it....SHE was the one that tossed toilet paper around my yard. And to make it worse, she taught my two nieces how to do it!!! They and my brother-in-law were in on the mission. And even better, they did it at 8:30pm while I was baking my focaccia!! They walked by my windows and saw me baking in the kitchen!! Hmm!! I'm taking back the focaccia I gave them. In return, they can have that toilet paper cardboard roll you see in the above picture....and a nut. :)

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