Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holly, Jolly

Our home has been spread with Christmas cheer. There is a touch of Christmas in every room, even the bathroom. The tree has been decorated and looks very pretty. I decided to put white lights on our tree this year and my son wasn't very happy. He prefers colored lights, but since we have done that for the last 8 years, it was my turn to try something new. My son does have his own little Christmas tree in his bedroom, decorated with colored lights, so he still has a tree decorated his way.

I love getting our ornaments out each year because they bring back such happy memories. Over the years my Mom has given my sister and I different ornaments from our childhood. I have one from my Godfather given to me when I was 3 years old. Each year since my son has been a baby, I've purchased him a new Christmas tree ornament. In addition, each vacation we have taken, we always search out an ornament for our tree that will remind us of our trip.

Since we visited Disney in 2008, I have many Mickey ears on my tree this year. We also have lots of dolphins from other beach vacations. Here are some pictures of my favorites.

This is the baby block from my Godfather.

This is one of my favorites because it reminds me of my son. The little blond boy, in his red jammies, soooooo excited about Christmas.

Patrick's picture is fuzzy, but my son had to hang him right in the middle of the tree since Patrick is my son's favorite!

One of the many Mickey ears adoring our tree.

And if you still believe in Santa, you can hear this bell ring. Can you hear it??

This was taken a whole 5 years ago, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. My son loves to have his picture taken but I'm sure it's because I've had my camera attached to my hip since he was a baby. Each Christmas he would put his feety jammies on, get under the Christmas tree and let me take lots of pictures of him. Sometimes the poor cat would get drug into it as well. I just loved seeing Christmas through his eyes and I wanted to capture each moment.

And here is our lovely tree. The picture does not do it justice. And besides, chance are, in a few more days, the two fur balls will probably knock it over if they can have it their way. I'm hoping they are too fat to climb it this year.

I decided to hang some large, unbreakable ornaments in the bay window as a way to entice the kitties to pat at something other than the tree. So far it has worked, but we'll see what dawn brings tomorrow. Even though they can be rowdy, they are beautiful to me. And just like my 9 year old son, I love to take their pictures too.

First Snow

I woke up this morning to this...................

It's 6:30 am, my son is still in bed, all is quite, peaceful and blanketed in snow. We are supposed to get a little more tonight and probably by then this amount of snow will have melted. It's our first snow of the season. My Mom said the old wives tale goes "if you can track a cat in your first snow fall, you'll have 30 more snows before Spring". I better start counting!

Today we get to put our Christmas tree up. What a perfect day to decorate. Better get some hot cocoa brewing as well.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Ohhhhh, my tummy is full. We not only had a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch, we had a great leftover Thanksgiving dinner. My family all gathered at my Sister's home. My brother-in-law's family came as well so we had a full house. But that is what holidays are all about, family. Like usual, we had lots of yummy dishes from all of the good cooks. We also had lots of good laughs and stories to tell.

My dishes included green beans (pretty much the only healthy thing there), a pumpkin roll, broccoli/cauliflower salad and an apple tart. My son talked me into making the tart last minute since he doesn't like pumpkin pie and "kids deserve dessert on Thanksgiving too!!". By Golly! My sister made a yummy, juicy turkey and many other things. My Mom made her famous homemade noodles and dressing. The dressing was by far my favorite. You know it was a successful meal when my Dad gets up from the table, groans and rubs his belly. It's his way of saying "good meal cooks!". :)

Of the entire group, my brother-in-law is the only one going shopping tomorrow at the crack of dawn. I must work, which is a better place to be than the shopping mall. I would rather pay full price for something then fight those crowds, it just isn't worth it. But now that Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas season will be in full force. We will start decorating this weekend, I can hardly wait.

I hope work goes quickly tomorrow so I can get home to the holiday decorating. The cats will be in hog heaven with all of the new things around to play with......and climb. We'll see if they knock the tree over again this year. Not looking forward to that, I'm hoping the extra year of growing will prevent them from getting too high in the tree. Time will tell.

I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving and were able to rub your bellies and groan when you got up from the table as well. For all of our loved ones not with us, we missed you. Hugs and Kisses!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Let It Snow

My sister and I have fallen in love with sweet little village houses dressed in pinks and blues and decided we wanted to make our own. We purchased the houses at Hobby Lobby and all the goodies to go with them. Thanks to Martha Stewart, there is lots of glitter in all shapes and textures. My sister adored hers with Christmas lights and a wreath. I instead decorated my tree with bulbs and hung a wreath on my windows. She made two homes, the pink and small blue while I opted for a bigger one.

We knew we needed some wintry sweetness to go in the front yard, so I crafted us some little snowmen. My sister had the special scarfs to adore their necks and make them oh so girly. If you have a pink or blue home, you must have a girl snow-woman in the front yard!

As we were painting, glittering and gluing, we could not help ourselves but to laugh with delight. We were quite proud of ourselves and how cute our homes turned out. Now I'm really ready to get the Christmas decorations out so we can enjoy our snow covered cottages.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Let it snow....glittery little men

Here are the new men in my life....all three of them. Handmade by me, with love and LOTS of glitter. One has gone to my Mom's house, while another has gone to my sister's and the third has traveled to a girlfriend's home. All three men, left me for another woman. But that's ok, I can make more. They were too cute too keep so I had to give them away.

I love their party hats! I made them from cardstock and then covered them in vintage Christmas sheet music. They were decorated with silver, pom-poms and buttons. Wouldn't you love to have a party hat like this??

Oh Christmas time is so much fun!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Playing with Paper

Here are some of the things I've been busy with. I must save the best for later.....
I made some cards with my new Cuttlebug. I wanted to make thank you cards for all of my presents. I am not as fancy as many ladies out there, but you gotta start some place.

Next I wanted to play with some of my new Christmas templates, so I made a couple Christmas cards. I purchased the Spellbinder's Nestabilities templates to cut circles. Lovely little invention that is compatible with your Cuttlebug.

Then last night I played with a cardboard box. I love the old vintage Christmas ornaments. The sad part, we had these things when I was a kid, so I suppose that makes me vintage. Mom is always giving my sister and I a hard time because she got rid of our old Christmas ornaments and now we pay a mint to re-purchase them! They are lovely and much fun to play with.

That is all I can show you for now. I will keep playing on this cold, cold winter-is-coming day. I have Christmas music playing in the back ground and my son playing Lego's beneath my feet.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been lazy on placing new posts, but I've been busy, busy. I feel like one of Santa's little elves that must get busy or Christmas will be here before we know it. It is 48 days away, you know. Since I received my fun new Cuttlebug for my birthday, it has opened up a million possibilities of gifts to make. I have some other things in mind as well, but I can not share them since my Mom and Sister read my blog

All I can tell you is my craft room is a mess most of the time and Michael's and Hobby Lobby is a very dangerous place to go this time of year. But in the midst of it all, I will not forget another important holiday, Thanksgiving. It is a very special holiday because you can just focus on being with your family, being reminded of all those things we have to be grateful for, and enjoy wonderful food. There are no presents, no decorations, no costumes, just family.

It's time for my Mom, Sister and I to plan the menu. We have our traditional favorites, but each of us usually try something new to shake things up a bit. My Dad always says "We ALWAYS have too much food (as he is rubbing his belly)!" And in all honesty, we do. But thank the Lord someone created Tupperware because we can all share in the leftovers.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful time of the year. Play in the leaves, go on walks, cuddle with a book and coffee, eat some pumpkin pie, but most importantly.........count your blessings.

I will praise God's name in song
and glorify him with thanksgiving.
Psalm 69:30