Sunday, November 23, 2008

Let It Snow

My sister and I have fallen in love with sweet little village houses dressed in pinks and blues and decided we wanted to make our own. We purchased the houses at Hobby Lobby and all the goodies to go with them. Thanks to Martha Stewart, there is lots of glitter in all shapes and textures. My sister adored hers with Christmas lights and a wreath. I instead decorated my tree with bulbs and hung a wreath on my windows. She made two homes, the pink and small blue while I opted for a bigger one.

We knew we needed some wintry sweetness to go in the front yard, so I crafted us some little snowmen. My sister had the special scarfs to adore their necks and make them oh so girly. If you have a pink or blue home, you must have a girl snow-woman in the front yard!

As we were painting, glittering and gluing, we could not help ourselves but to laugh with delight. We were quite proud of ourselves and how cute our homes turned out. Now I'm really ready to get the Christmas decorations out so we can enjoy our snow covered cottages.

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