Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Big Fat Mess

That is my house, a big fat HAIRY mess, to be exact. My son has had the flu for 7 days, and I am beyond tired of it. I am a pretty tidy person by nature, but when your kid is throwing up for days on end, your home suffers. I have tons of laundry to do, the big HAIRY kind....blankets, towels, sheets, washcloths and jammies and more jammies. I add to it faster then I can get it done. Ugh.

He is finally getting better, but I have allowed one more night of sleep in my room. As you can see from this mess, I got tired of running into his room each night, or him coming into mine and crawling into my bed, so I yanked his mattress off his bed. He has a loft bed, not the easiest thing for a Mom to do, but by golly I was on a mission......for sleep! He has been sleeping next to me for 2 nights, tonight will be three. He is visiting his Dad this weekend (PRAISE the Lord!), so the mattress will go back into his room. I haven't made my bed all week, except for ripping the sheets off and adding clean ones, just in case he breathed on them. This weekend, I get my bedroom back, I can't wait.

My bed may be messy, but look at this rat's hole!

The cat's loved this set up, two beds to jump on. If you look closely, you'll notice they added to the mess with their own toys. I came home tonight to find the little monkey in my son's bed. Don't you wonder what your animals do while you're away? I have a feeling they were jumping on beds!

I was getting down over the mess in my home, so I went to the only clean room, our family room. There are Christmas reminders in here that not only help me keep my focus, but make me smile. I love our manager scene, Little People by Fisher Price. I bought this years ago so my son would stop playing with my glass one and play with his own. In the end, I didn't like the glass one either and wanted his, so this is the one we have kept over the years.

When we were decorating a couple weekends ago my son got it out of the box and placed it on our entertainment center. I already had it decorated and said "No, it can't go there, it doesn't match my decorations!". His response, "Mom, it's baby Jesus and since this is what Christmas is all about, it needs to be here where we can see it!". I felt bad, thanked the Lord for the reminder, and baby Jesus stays right where we can see him.

My next favorite decoration is this sweet little Starbucks teddy bear. I love his stocking cap, jammies with flap on the bottom and his own little teddy bear cuddled under his arm. He just looks all ready for a warm winter's nap.

Last night during a burst of energy we put the $5.00 train around our Christmas tree. It fit perfectly and even runs around on its track. The cats however think it's their toy and continue to knock it over, but it looks good while everything is standing up.
I'm very thankful my son is getting well. I need to remind myself it was only the flu and nothing worse. I need to also remind myself that I have a home to get messy, but in the end it gets picked back up. I also need to remind myself that for now I have a little one that still depends on me and wants me when he is sick. Someday, I won't have that. So for now, I'll stand behind him while he is getting sick to wipe his mouth and rub his back......and hope he doesn't realize I'm also gagging in the process. :)

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