Sunday, December 7, 2008

Chicken Soup, Popsicles and a $5.00 train

We've had a lot of sickness in our home so far this winter and now my son has caught the bug. He missed school Friday because he was coming down with a head cold but it has taken a turn for the worse. Today he woke up with a fever and I can't get it to go away. He will be home again tomorrow and hopefully soon he can shake this thing.

He had many things going on this weekend so he was very upset that a cold knocked him down. It started with Friday night, our home town kicked off Christmas with a night time parade. All 4th graders were invited to ride on a float during the parade and sing Christmas carols. I wouldn't let him go since he was ill and the temperature was about 12 degrees.

Saturday morning he had his first basketball practice of the season, but Mom said no to that as well. Saturday late morning he was to ring the Salvation Army bell at our local mall with other 4th graders, but Mom said no to that as well since it was outside and was still 12 degrees. By now, he was officially bummed, even if he did agree it was wise to pass up all of these events. By Saturday night he was feeling a little better and gained some energy, so I took him with me to Dollar General to pick up a couple things.

In the store he spotted a $5.00 Christmas train with track that goes around in a circle. In an attempt to lift his spirits, I agreed to purchase it (knowing that it would probably break in the first 5 minutes of getting it home). He rushed home to put batteries in it and get the track assembled and from that point on, he had fun the rest of the weekend.

When he was feeling better he would drag out some cars and trucks to play with the train and he even took the cat's scratching perch to use as a bridge. I only wish I would have taken pictures of what happened next. By now the two cats were awake from their day long nap and were interested in this train. Since their perch was going OVER the track, they perched themselves on top of it to watch the silly thing go round' and round'. When they got tired of it, they stuck their paw out and knocked the train off the track. At one point, Tiger decided to crawl under the tunnel and lay on the train track. What he didn't realize was the train was still moving. All of a sudden it "crashed" into his neck, and fell off the track. Please be assured, I wouldn't let my kitty get hurt and this train moves very slow. But the look on Tiger's face when that train ran into him was priceless. He wouldn't budge, I think he was telling my son that the perch belonged to him and no train was going to move him!

The train is still working fine, no causalities yet. We've had our share of chicken soup, Popsicles and Kool-Aid this weekend. We've burned through 4 boxes of Kleenex (the kind with Vicks.....ahhhhh). Now he is asleep in my bed, fever still with him, but at least he is sleeping. Hopefully I can stay healthy since I just had the same flu bug 3 weeks ago. But Mommies don't get to stay clear of germs when their babies are sick. You jump in and do whatever you can to try and help them feel better. And thank Heaven for Chicken Soup, Popsicles and $5.00 trains.

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  1. Poor nephew! Tell him his favorite auntie wants him to get better very quick! :)