Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Joy

Today was another fun filled day of Christmas spirit and relaxation. My parents took my son Christmas shopping (for me) and I met up with them later in the afternoon to take my son back. My brother-in-law was also shopping and had my oldest niece with him, so I intercepted her as well. The three of us did a little stocking stuffer shopping for my Dad (Grandpa) and bought our Christmas Dinner groceries. Afterwards we grabbed lunch and the three of us headed home. My son and niece watched old Christmas home videos and I heard many chuckles coming from the family room.

While they watched movies I cleaned. For some reason, I always want my house extra clean on Christmas morning. It's probably just another torture I put myself through in the midst of all of the other things on my to-do list. However, it's done and clean and ready for the arrival of Santa.

After dinner my son and I played a game of Monopoly, but we both got tired before we went bankrupt so we decided to put the game up and pick up tomorrow where we left off. It is really starting to feel like Christmas. Maybe it's because the day is almost here, being with two children today and the excitement they brought out even more from inside me. Maybe it was talking in "secret code" to my Mom about presents we bought for Dad so he wouldn't know what we were saying (even though he is practically deaf and I can guarantee didn't hear us anyway). And tonight taking more pictures in front of the tree.

It is a tradition for me to take lots of pictures of my son in front of our tree. Depending on our pet at the time, they are always a part of the pictures as well. Since we have only had cats in our families, they could care less about the event and do everything possible to scramble away and refuse to "smile" for the Mama! I have a homemade quilt that is near and dear to my heart I get out every Christmas. It has red and white checks but instead of a cotton quilt, it is made out of satin. My son has been sitting on this quilt in front of our Christmas tree since he was born in 1999. It is part of our tradition as well.

My home is clean, candles are lit throughout, my son is in his warm fuzzy winter jammies and it's almost time to watch another Christmas movie from our collection and eat some popcorn. Tomorrow brings more bad weather, but I have one last gift to purchase, something for my Grandma. I'm staying in town however to get the final gift. Then it will be home to make cookies for Santa. And probably before the night is over, I'll make my son smile (with the 2 cats) while sitting in front of the tree so I can get just a few more pictures. It's so hard to resist!

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