Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year in Munchkin Land

Happy New Year!!

We are about to start a whole new year, I can't believe 2008 is gone. To celebrate the occasion I had to make party hats. But these are the munchkin kind. Not sure what drove me to this madness, I just thought all of my lady co-workers needed their own party hat to sit on their desk tomorrow since we must work on New Year's Eve.

What really started the New Year's Eve plan was to remind all of those I work with that they must take time for themselves. I work with a wonderful group of women (14 to be exact) and they range in age from 65-27 and all are great women, wives, mothers, and even friends. I see the stress on their faces sometimes and I wanted to give them a reminder for 2009 that even during rough times, we can have fun.

So, I typed up some reminders and fun tidbits for them to keep that will be presented with their party hat. I hope they like them and maybe it will encourage them to do some of the things on the card......like:
  • Lock Lips With Your Husband
  • Get More Sleep
  • Take A "Me" Day
  • Be More Spontaneous

Each piece was fun to make. My son was wondering when the small party guests were coming to our house. The kitties loved the pom-poms and kept carrying off my party hats. To get even with them, they had to wear a hat.

I hope you have a very Happy and Blessed 2009!!

Get this thing off of me!

Where's the chips?

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  1. How did you ever get the cats to cooperate they must be half ham! dawn