Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Grandma

Today we visited my Grandma to give her our Christmas presents. She lives in a nursing home in our town, but the stomach flu has been spreading quickly through "the home", so no visitors were allowed. What a way to spend Christmas. Finally we were allowed to go visit and she was happy to see us. My Mom, Dad, son and I all went bringing presents from Illinois, Texas and Colorado. My Mom's two sisters live in Texas and Colorado so they sent presents home for their Mama.

You are pretty limited on what you can give someone that lives in a space about as big as my bathroom, so we usually get Grandma new clothes or candy. She LOVES candy and likes to hand it out to whoever will take it. She is very giving. :)

My Grandma is 94 (I think) and is sharp as a whip. She is losing her hearing and her knees gave our years ago so she is in a wheelchair, but otherwise she is great. She can see perfectly and can pretty much remember everything. I love her very much and have so many wonderful memories of her growing up.

She was the Grandma that baked, cooked, sewed, played house with us and gave the best back scratches anyone could ask for. She would scratch your back for an hour if you let her. And I usually did. :) My son has grown up around her and all the Great-Grandkids call her Mimi. Today he helped Mimi open her presents if she needed help. She is such a blessing to our family and I love her dearly.


  1. Correction....Grandma Ginny is 96 years old...she will be 97 on January 30th 2009. Gosh...I hope I don't have that gene to live that long!!!! UGH! :)
    Your Big Sissy

  2. Girls Grandma Ginny's birthday is the 31st of January. Big O