Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tornado, Flood and 50% Off

Today was a bazaar day when it comes to weather. Over the past week we have had a considerable amount of rain. It was mostly freezing rain, but yesterday it turned unseasonably warm (50's in the Midwest) so everything that was frozen...melted. Then the very thick, dense fog rolled in and you couldn't see your neighbors house across the street. Today it was in the 60's but a cold front moved in behind and that's when things got ugly.

My son and I headed to the "big town" for some after Christmas shopping (a little rain won't stop us). I had to see the specials and find some bargains. But we'll get back to the shopping part in a bit. On our way home the radio kept blaring the bad weather alert sound the entire 30 minute ride home. You couldn't get 2 minutes of a song in before another alert went off. We were heading into severe weather as we got closer to home. There were tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings all over the place. My son kept saying "'s December, what's up with the tornado's?". I too wondered. Is it this global warming thing?

Luckily, the severe weather headed to the North and we drove out of it, and it missed our little town. It did however dump a ton of rain and the flooding continued. Now, it's supposed to turn back into freezing rain. Good grief, I just wish Mother Nature would decide what she wanted to do. Must be hormonal. Maybe she didn't like her Christmas gifts.

So now, I live on an island. My front and back is flooded, and only heaven knows what lurks under my house in my crawl space. I don't dare look. But during the storm, we took down our Christmas tree and decorated with snowmen and anything cream and silver. I couldn't stand to pack everything up, it's such a long way until Valentine's Day.

Now back to shopping. I talked my son into going with me to Michael's and Hobby Lobby, my two favorite stores. I was looking for some good after Christmas deals on craft items and even though I found a few, it was already really picked over. But I suppose that's a good thing. I did get some paint, paper mache houses, snow glitter and Christmas stickers all 50% off.

I found this very cute minature suit case all dressed in Christmas colors. I loved the detailed handle on it, so I couldn't pass it up. It too was 50% off so it only cost me close to $3.00. Love it!

One of best 50% off find was this calendar for 2009...Mary Engelbreit. She is really my sister's favorite, but I do love her too. My sister had her 2008 calendar and I loved looking at the pictures each month, so I decided to get my own. Since my son is getting older, we now have commitments each month I need to keep track of, so this may be the first time I have ever used a calendar at home.

My next find was this adorable snowman. I have a thing for snowmen. He will proudly sit out until Valentine's Day so I can enjoy his sweetness. He has other friends in the room to keep him company, but he is the most rolly-polly of the bunch. His head even bobbles! :)

I'm working on a New Year's Eve craft, I'll show ya'll later....if they turn out OK. I have a vision, but so far the paper is not cooperating. Enjoy your weekend!!

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