Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vintage Christmas

Today was a bitter cold day in the Midwest. My Dad said it was 25 below zero with the windchill. The wind is whipping around with gusts up to 30 miles an hour and my home is whistling. I don't believe that is a good thing, since my furnace is also running non-stop. However, I do have power and heat, so I will not complain.

When I got up this morning and went to look out the windows, they were covered in a layer of ice. That was when I's cold out side! It was still very pretty, as if little snowflakes were cuddling with each other to stay warm.

My son was supposed to go Christmas shopping (for me) with my Mom and Dad today, but it was just too cold to be out. Tomorrow, they plan to try it again and hopefully the wind will be gone. Instead, my son and I used it as a day for a little shopping in our hometown and a lot of cooking. After church we headed to our local Antique shop for a little browsing.

I did find something, but I'm afraid to share it because my son told me not to purchase it in case my sister bought me something similar for Christmas. So, I'll have to show you later (and Sis, don't ask questions!). You see, my Sister and I have grown to love all vintage Christmas decorations. My Mom gives us a hard time because the things we love, we used to have as a family for decorations. Mom got rid of them many years ago because my Sister and I didn't want them at the time. Well, now we do and we must pay a mint to get them back.

The other day when my son and I went shopping (are you seeing a trend here?), we went to another town for a couple last minute Christmas gifts and we also sought out their antique shops. I have never done this before, but it's becoming a habit and my 9 year old son loves it just as much as I do. While he is looking for antique trucks and tractors, I was looking for anything Christmas. I did find a few very cute items.
A lady made this stocking back in the 1940's and I loved the snowman on it, so it is now hanging in my home. I did not take a picture of the other side, but it has a green backdrop and the words "Merry Christmas". I think this jolly ole' Snowman is quite jolly!

My next find were the CUTEST reindeer's. I believe they were ornaments in their younger days. They are fuzzy little deers with long curly eyelashes. They must be young girl fawns as cute as they are!

Another find, this one at the local Wal-Mart and not the antique shop, was this happy fella. One evening while visiting my Sister, my son and I noticed this Santa sitting on her porch. We fell in love with him and planned on stealing him. But since that wasn't the nicest thing to do, not to mention she escorted us to our car once she heard of our plans, I decided I better just go purchase my own. For something made and sold by Wal-Mart, I must say I am impressed. He puts off the prettiest glow!

Maybe as the year's progress I will keep my antique shopping going and come across other wonderful items from years past. It is a little depressing though when you see things that you had as a kid in the antique shops, because that officially labels you as "Antique"! But, it does bring back great memories and helps spark a memory about things you already forgot about. My son loves to hear me say "I had that when I was a kid!" or "Mom had those dishes!". And I'm sure, one of these days, he will be able to say the exact same thing to his kids.

I hope you are staying warm wherever you are. If you are here in my hometown, you better stay inside! Besides, it's the week of Christmas and everyone deserves to stay in, drink something warm, cuddle with a blanket and watch a Christmas movie. Which movie will it be for you?


  1. Buying something for yourself before Christmas is NEVER a good idea!! Also, plans of stealing things from others is not very Christmasy.....and not giving your elder sister a fuzzy little fawn is not nice either! Be just might end up on the naughty list!! Hee hee!

    Oh...It's A Wonderful Life and Holiday Inn are my picks for movies. :)

    Your Sis

  2. Oh...I guess I did forget about that tee-peeing episode in October. That was not very nice of me either. :)

  3. Now girls, don't make me stop this car....!