Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thank you Aunt Shann!

Aunt Shann made Colin a very special Birthday present and mailed it to him from Michigan. This Saturday is Colin's 11th Birthday and since she was not able to be here for the party, she mailed one of his presents.

Colin loves getting mail and he was extra excited when he saw a huge box on our porch addressed to him. His Aunt made him a special blanket, commonly called a "Shann Blankie". My Sister has made many of these and her nephew put in a request for a Dallas Cowboys blankie so that is what she made him.

Since you couldn't see him open it, here are pictures Sissy for you to see his excitement.

And someone else loved the blankie too.

Colin sends his love to you and says Thank You!!!

Lots of hugs

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Christmas

Our family had a very nice Christmas. It's hard to believe it's over, the day came and went so quickly. But nonetheless, it was a lot of fun. Our morning started out a bit early, Colin woke up at 2:30am with a tummy ache. I believe he was just so excited, that the nerves got to him and created an upset tummy. The bad part, we didn't get much sleep after that. By 5:30am, we gave up on any more sleep and got up. I was not in a happy place by now since I was so tired, but I turned on the coffee and did my best.

Calleigh helped Santa on Christmas Eve with the presents. She was a fine little elf.

Colin really wanted a dog for Christmas but this was the best I could do. His name is Barley and I think he is extra cute.

Barley guarded the presents until Christmas morn.

As soon as the paper started flying, Tiger was right in the middle of it. He can always tell where there is excitement going on and must supervise the situation. I just noticed the date on my camera is still 12/24, must be because we were awake before the chickens were up. It really was Christmas morning in this picture.

Colin wanted a new remote control car.....Santa delivered.

Can't remember what this package was, but I love the look on Colin's face. I didn't get a lot of pictures this Christmas because he was still in a lot of pain with his tummy so it was hard to get him to smile.

After we had our Christmas, we went over to Mom and Dad's to open more presents with them and my Sister's family. They came home from Michigan and stayed with our parents so we could all be together for Christmas. Here is Shelby and Shann, love this picture.

Shelby and Colin with the new Nerf Tag set.

Sophie with her new sock monkey toy. She was tuckered out from all of the excitement.

Once our celebration time was over, we all went to see Grandma at the nursing home. She wasn't hearing very well so she was a little slow, but you could tell she was very happy to see all of us. Grandma doesn't have much room so we cannot give her many presents. However Mom and Dad gave her the best present that she simply loved.

Mr. Panda Bear

The Panda bear is animated and makes all kinds of sounds and motions. Grandma loved the bear. You could feed it with a bottle and he would suck, open his arms, get the hick-ups and do all kinds of other things. She just smiled and smiled at that bear.

Look at this video of Grandma and the bear.


Finally, here is Sophie trying to help herself at our dinner table. How can you resist that sweet face?

That was our Christmas day, how was yours? It's snowing now in Illinois and I love it! May be a day late, but I'll still take the snow. Hope you enjoy the rest of this holiday weekend.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone

May your Christmas be blessed and full of love, just as we are loved by our Savior.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Old Saint Nick is on his way......

And I have way too many things left to get done!! Oh well, it wouldn't be Christmas without the hustle and bustle. The best part, I don't need to leave my home to wrap up the items left needing done. I have candles lit in my home and soon Christmas music will be playing throughout.

We made it home from Michigan yesterday but on our way home we made a small detour. My two nieces got in the car with Colin and I so we could stop at a Reindeer Farm not far from home. We've been here many times over the years, however I never get tired of the place. It is pure magic.

I have pictures of Colin on this reindeer bench since he was a little guy.

Outside while waiting to see the reindeer the kids spotted the farm kitty. This kitty was really excited, must have been all the magic in the air. He scurried up that tree (has his claws) in an attempt to catch the birds roosting. They all flew away so he decided to chew on the branches and wave at the kids from below.

It was finally time to go feed the Reindeer so we were all give Oats and Graham Crackers. It's Santa's Reindeer, they gotta eat something sweet! They knew people coming meant food so they hurried to the fence to receive their goodies. Here is Taylor feeding one of them.

I don't remember which name belongs to which Reindeer, but some of their names were Holly, Jack Frost and Yukon. This big feller was the leader since his antlers were the largest. He knew he was in charge of the others.

They sure were loving creatures. But again, why would you expect anything else from Santa's followers?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

More fun in the snowy state

Sunday morning we woke up early and had our normal coffee, just my sissy and I. Simon joined the girl party in all his glory. He is such a hog of the chair. Later that morning we all went to church in their new hometown. It was a very nice church and everyone was so friendly, so many came up to greet us. They sure made you feel at home.

After church we took the kids to an Air Zoo that Colin has been dying to see since the first day he came here to visit. It's an aircraft museum with many rides.

Colin loved looking at all of the old planes and dreaming of what it was like back then to fly them.

There was a 3D show we all watched with our cool shades.

One of the rides were these neat hot air balloons. They were so bright and colorful and flew pretty fast. I opted to stay on the ground because I wanted to get pictures more than ride. It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz! Where is Toto?

Another 3D flight simulator ride where you head off to the Space Station.

Little People in a big, big Universe.

Colin would have stayed in this plane all day. It was the cockpit of a real fighter jet with a million buttons and knobs to push. He was in pure heaven.

The Moon Walk.....all kids gave it a twirl.

This morning we slept in a bit. Colin feels like he is getting a cold so he rested with Sophie. I sure hope he isn't getting sick right before Christmas. I too feel like some sort of a bug is coming back. It's been a rough winter and it has barely started.

After everyone got ready we headed out for some last minute Christmas Shopping. My Sister had a few specific places in mind, one was an Antique store we passed the other day while trying to get to the tree farm. While backing out of their driveway Colin hollered from the backseat "Deer, Deer!!". There were 5 deer running in my Sister's backyard around to the backside of their neighbors. We decided to follow them and sure enough, they cut across the street right in front of us.

Looks like my sister may have different critters to deal with in Michigan then she did in Illinois.

It's been another fun day. After shopping we came home and ordered Chinese takeout and did a bit of wrapping. It's almost bedtime and it will be our last full day in Michigan before we all head home for Christmas. Mom and Dad are waiting on us to come home. I'm ready to come home, I miss them and my two kitties. Tiger and Calleigh, Mama and Colin are coming home.
Only 3 more days until Christmas!!!! HO-HO-HO

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas from Michigan

This morning at 7:00am Colin and I left Illinois to head North to Michigan. We were off to see my Sister and family. The snow was already coming down in IL so it made for a pretty drive. The farther North we got, the more snow there was. Once we made it over the Michigan border, snow covered the hills and it was such a beautiful sight. Talk about instant Christmas spirit!

Colin packed some toys to play with along the way. He had his GI Joe guy hanging out in the glove compartment. :)

We made our exit to my Sissy's town and there are the most beautiful trees along the way. Even Colin commented on how beautiful it was with all of the trees glistening with snow.

See, lots O' snow in Michigan!

After settling in and having lunch, we decided to take a road trip. We were on a mission to buy some Christmas gifts and we found a Christmas Tree Farm on-line with a gift shop and believed that would be our place. So, we headed off. It took a bit to get there and a whole lot of 4 wheel driving (thank the Lord we were in my Sister's SUV), but we finally found the place. The tree lots all over were a giveaway that we found our destination.

We pull in and everyone was excited about the trees, the huge barn and just the beauty of the whole place. We were finding our way to the barn when we pass another gentleman and he informs us the place is closed for the season! It's a Christmas Tree Farm and they are closed! We were all bummed but we tried to make the best of it.
When all else fails, break out the camera and take some pictures. The setting was extremely spectacular and everyone went along with Nanny for some pictures.

Sisters in the snow.

The little kids figured out you could go sliding very easily on the driveway and were sliding all over the place. Well the big kid decided she would try it too. She about busted her fanny. :)

Isn't the barn beautiful??? Wish I lived there.

Shelby smiling for me.

When we got back the kids played in the snow for a bit and then came in to get warm. Since Colin brought his GI Joe "people", Taylor broke out the Barbies so they could play together. We thought it was cute how they had their homes set up. Barbie and GI Joe did not live together either!

The man's cave.

It's evening and time for some Christmas movies. While digging them out Simon decided he would perch himself in the cabinet. Sorry Simon Peter, that is not your spot.

Movie time! Hope it's snowing where you are. Mom and Dad, you better get yourselves up here to see the beauty. We're waiting on you.