Sunday, January 18, 2009

Big Hill, Little People, Wacky Cats

It's been a fun weekend, with a little bit of everything going on, but also a whole lot of nothing. We started the weekend by attending another basketball game.....with victory #3 under our belts. The boys are playing great and so far plowing over the other teams.

Once the game was over we went to "the big city" for some shopping and a movie. My son wanted to see Hotel for Dogs and personally I loved it. I knew my son enjoyed it too because there was a whole lot of laughter coming from his seat. We had to stop at the pet store to get some kitty food for my sister's kitty so it was mandatory to visit the cat isle. Our cats needed a new cardboard scratching post since they have practically shredded their last one. Both of them were very happy to see their new toy when we returned home. We sprinkled it with cat nip to get them even more excited. As I call it, they enjoyed their kitty chocolate and rolled all over until the green stuff was covered in their fur. After their high, they took a nap.

Today involved attending church, a Pampered Chef party a girl friend had, sledding and a little crafting. My son has been wanting to play in the snow so bad it's driving him crazy. Today was the first "warm" enough day, so I took him to BIG HILL. Most of the snow had melted, but there was one little strip long enough to ride a sled down. He had a blast and screamed so much, there was no doubt he wasn't enjoying himself.

After climbing the hill multiple times, he was tuckered out and wanted to go home to warm up and rest. While he rested, I wanted to play myself but with paper. Thanks to Missy and her creative ideas, I decided to try my hand at some homemade tags. Even though I love Mr. and Mrs. Clause, I wanted to make something I could use now. Papertales also created some other cute little critters that rounded out the "family". They were so much fun to make, the ideas become endless!

Time for work and school again. Why do the weekends go so fast?? Too much fun for time to run slowly I suppose. Wish I could figure out a way to craft a time machine that would allow time to slow down. I would cut one out and embellish it up in a heartbeat!

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