Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Break is OVER!

Back to school tomorrow, yee-haw! Our Christmas break started 3 days early due to bad weather, so it's past time for the kido's to get back to school. It's been long enough. I'm ready for my son to go back, but my sister is ready to kill if the girls don't go back. :)

The weekend before break was over was full of fun. Saturday morning my son had his first basketball game of the season. He made 2 baskets and was riding high in his glory. He got in the car once the game was over and said "I love basketball". It's good for him to burn some energy during the winter, even though the 8:00am game on a Saturday about killed me. I had to call my sister and have her send coffee with my brother-in-law because I wasn't awake enough to focus on the game.

Once our team kicked some fanny (30-6), it was off to this sports bar for a little belated birthday party. I had a really hard time taking my 10 year old to a bar, but the game section was in the basement and it was full of families and no one was drinking (well, except PaPa and Uncle...oops...but they only had 1 Blue Moon). We gave the kids money to buy tokens to play games and in return they won tickets to buy THE most high quality toys you've ever seen. Ha! But, they had a blast, so $20.00 is worth the loss in junk.

After the party ended all of us headed to Hobby Lobby for a little shopping. We have a family full of crafters, so what do you expect? My son wanted to spend his birthday cash on more train pieces, my sister and I wanted to see craft goodies and Mom found some 80% off Christmas items. It was a good day.

Today it was time to worship and do a bit of errands, but mostly stayed home to relax on our final day. My son played with all of his trains, I did a little snowman craft, got loopy reading a million blogs and talked to my sister probably 15 times. Another good day.

It's 9:00pm and while I'm typing this, I can hear my son singing from his bed. This is his normal routine since he was 3 years old. He sings himself to sleep. I simply love it and it makes me smile so much it hurts. I think it's a sign he is happy. And coming from a home where his Dad left at the age of one proves to me he is full of love. His life, and mine, didn't turn out the way we wanted, but there is still a whole lot of love going on in his little soul. Thank you Jesus!

And even though this picture is from yesterday, Tiger is staring at me while I type telling me..."It's time for bed Mommy". Off we go, gotta get ready for the big school day tomorrow. I hope all of you had a good Christmas break too.

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  1. I pray to God daily we can reflect a true loving family. I see it now in you sibblings. Does this mean God has answered my payers? I am sure it is. Thanks God. My cup runneth over when I read my daughters blogs, as I watch their lives with their familys unfold. My heart has room for all the pride. Big O