Monday, January 12, 2009


A new year has brought on the desire to craft more. I love to scrapbook and even though I am behind, it is my mission to get busy again to work towards getting caught up. I will not dare say, get "totally" caught up, because with a son still very active, my time pulls me elsewhere and it is just not realistic. I have been so busy working on Disney albums since May 2008 (two for our family and one each for my nieces), I am sick of Mickey Mouse and would like to focus on other things. Mickey, I still love you, but there is no more room for you in my scrapbook room.

I am very anal compulsive when it comes to scrapbooking in that I must do things in chronological order. My pictures are nice and organized, in date order, but I have always refused to let myself do anything current when I am behind with the other years. Well, I have officially gone off the deep end and decided to scrap Christmas 2008! And let me tell you, it feels good. Don't laugh either, because I know there are others like you out there in blog land. It's ok to break the rules I learned, nothing will die over it. Hee-hee!

Besides the desire to scrapbook, I feel like making things. A girlfriend, my sister and I all have the same passion. We like to create, God put it in our blood. So, the three of us are crafting, all different things, but we love to share with one another our creations. And maybe if we get busy, we might have a little booth at a craft fair one of these days.

If you like surfing blog land, you can find some very talented ladies that share the same passion. They like to share their ideas so others may enjoy as well. Lucky for me, they give detailed instructions because some of the items you can purchase at Michael's and Hobby Lobby, were foreign to me. I would stand in the isles and ask myself, what in the world do you use that stuff for? Well now I know...well at least for some of it.

For example, I have found these little magnet beauties on a few different blogs, and I'm sorry I didn't keep them to give credit where it is due, but I decided to play around with the idea. They are simply bottle caps with little pieces of paper and Glossy Accents. So simple, yet so cute. I did a test run with just a few to see how everything worked and all though they are quite wonderful, I didn't use a strong enough magnet so they won't hold much on your frig. But, they will at least make it cute. I gave my sister a set with the blue bird, but when she saw the Christmas Santa ones, she tried to swipe them as well.

This other snowy wonder is still a work in progress. She sits on my desk and I look at her every day in case I find something else I would like to add to her perch. I made her out of CelluClay, a wonderful product I learned about on another blog. It's paper mache, but so much more fun then that yucky stuff we used in the 2nd grade.

I have so many ideas swarming in my mind, it's a bit overwhelming. But it is so much fun when you finally finish something and you are proud of your accomplishment. My job is very stressful so I love to come home, spend time with my son and then create. Now I know how God felt, but all I did was create this one teeny-tiny snowman.

Well, better get back to my messy craft room and work on Christmas pages. Who knows, I just might go backwards and do Halloween next!

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  1. Is Scrapbooking backwards like playing a record backwards? Do you get secret messeges too? Ha!