Saturday, January 31, 2009

Grandma Turns 97

Today was my Grandma's 97th birthday. She lives in a nursing home, but is still as sharp as can be. She has a hard time hearing and she can no longer walk because of her knees, but everything else is good.

My whole family went to see her to take presents, cake and ice cream. My two Aunt's sent her flowers in addition to presents. There isn't a whole lot of things you can purchase someone that lives in a nursing home, but Grandma still loves to open presents (and she loves her cake and ice cream).

It's a little odd, but we always have her birthday parties in the "beauty parlor". It's a small room in the nursing home and not used very often, so we meet in there for the party. Of course it always gives the kids (or adults) something to play with....if they aren't watching Grandma open her presents.

My Grandma has crocheted probably most of her life, or at least my entire life. She would make us baby doll blankets when we were little, and then she made us baby blankets when we started having our own babies. One of my favorite things made by my Grandma are crocheted hangers. She would crochet around the entire hanger and they make the best hangers for sweaters, dress slacks, or just anything you love. I have many of them in my closet and I will never part with them. She even crocheted on the little child size hangers so my son has many in his closet as well. When his clothes outgrow the hangers, I will still keep them for my Grandchildren.

My sister gave her a crochet hook and some yarn as one of her presents. She wanted to see if Grandma would like to start crocheting again. When she opened the package she smiled and said "I think someone wants me to get busy!". It was the cutest thing.

Once all of the packages were open, my sister got her started and then Grandma took over.

I can't imagine my Grandma not being with us one of these days, but I know it's coming. Her faith is very strong and I know she is looking forward to being with Jesus and my Grandpa. So in the end, Grandma will be in the most perfect place ever and we'll all be jealous of her while we are still here on this Earth. But until she is called Home, I'll love having her with me so I can soak up all of her sweetness.

I love you Grandma!!!!

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