Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today was my son's 10th birthday. Last night while he was in bed I decorated our home with balloons, streamers and some signs to spice up the occasion. I let him open one present before I had to go to work and he headed to NaNa's. He went to breakfast with PaPa and "the men" at the coffee shop to start his day. The rest of the afternoon he stayed with my Mom and then my sister so he could play with his cousins. Once I got home from work we all met up at Mom and Dad's to get the party started.
He requested his favorite meal, PaPa's fried fish. PaPa was busy cooking it up in the garage and like always, it was very yummy. It seemed like a forever wait until supper time, because the whole time we waited, the presents kept starring....wanting opened. But, he patiently waited.

Then, supper was ready and we all had a wonderful meal.

Once our bellies were full, it was finally time for presents!! As you can see from the pictures, he loved what he got, and some more than others. His Aunt made him a homemade scarf with his favorite team's logo. My sister loves to sew and is doing such a wonderful job as she tries new things.

One thing I got him that he really wanted was a bow and arrow, but don't worry, the arrow's have suction cups on the end. At least these won't stick to anything furry with 4 legs.

But the best present was saved for last. My Mom and Dad bought him something he has wanted forever, but it was a gift only grandparents could give.....a real train set. He has loved trains since he was 1 year old, so it was perfect. I on the other hand, was hesitant only because of space in our small home. It won't be able to grow into a monster set, but he can get more track and it's still manageable and I know something he will play with forever. As you can see from the pictures, he was less than excited.

PaPa and Uncle helped him put it together. PaPa was giving him a hard time and told him next Christmas he wanted to borrow it for a month to put under their Christmas tree with the Christmas village. He said no way! You can tell by the look on his face he was in train heaven.

After everyone played with the new toys, we had to drag him away to have dessert. He isn't a fan of cakes, like his momma, so he asked NaNa to bake an apple pie. Pie's are becoming a favorite in our family, and my Mom can bake them! We still had candles and ice cream, and lots of wishes were made.

I believe this was probably his best birthday yet. He was so excited I couldn't get him to go to bed, but tomorrow morning at 8:00am he has his first basketball game of the season. He will probably still be so wound up from his new train, he just may play like Michael Jordan. I guess we'll see. His other Grandparents gave him money for his birthday so he is already asking me to take him shopping to get more parts for his train set. My sister had a better idea, let's paint graffiti on the sides of the rail-road cars. That will spruce it up. :) Hee-Hee!

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