Thursday, January 1, 2009

The joy of a New Year

This is what I felt like doing all day, but I stayed rather busy. Last night my son and I stayed up until 11:00am and watched the ball drop at Times Square in New York. I promised him it would be more eventful then if we stayed up until midnight our time. We had a fun New Year's Eve just the two of us. We had our own set of snacks and drank Kiddie-Cocktails all night (Sprite and Grenadine Cherry Syrup....that's why it's a KID cocktail!). We even played Volleyball with a balloon in the family room. Once the New Year was celebrated an hour early, we headed to bed.

On the first day of the new year we were both in the cleaning/cooking mode. I guess it really does happen, out with the old, in with the new. I have already been organizing things like closets, cupboards, craft rooms etc, but the bug bit my son. He spent the morning organizing his tool box (it's a man thing) and then he did his bedroom. He can be messy, but he also likes things tidy. He cleaned out his whole closet and boxed up things he no longer wanted. I was impressed with his work.

The cats were lazy and got their normal 8 hour nap in while we worked. I guess we kept them up too late last night because they were rather extra lazy today.

Tomorrow is my son's 10th birthday and he was rather giddy today because of it. That was probably part of his reason for cleaning, making room for the next round of presents. In our family everyone gets to pick what they want for their birthday dinner. My son has chosen his PaPa's famous fried fish and some homemade french fries. Good healthy diet!! He also wants his NaNa to make him an apple pie. Tomorrow night we will celebrate his birthday, but it will extend into Saturday as we visit a Game/Restaurant place for pizza and game playing. He wanted me to make a chocolate chip cookie for that party, but he wanted to help.

So we baked our monster cookie today and he did all of the mixing. It makes me smile to see him working in the kitchen. I'll show you the finished product later.

He is so serious about his cooking too.

It's been a long day, not a very lazy one for the first day of 2009, but that's ok. It was just as much fun being with my "ALMOST" 10 year old. We even watched a home movie of his first few hours on this earth. I didn't gross him out with the birthing video, just the part once he was here. I can't believe 10 years have passed. Tomorrow will be a very fun day celebrating his birthday. I have to work part of the day so he will spend it with NaNa and PaPa, but he will love being there just as much.

Now it's time for bed and I can't wait to crawl in. Before Christmas I purchased very, very cute Snowmen sheets for my son and I was always envious of them. I borrowed his pillow case one day so I could admire the cute snowmen. I caved in the other day and ordered them from here, I just had to have my own set. They are freshly washed and ready for a winter's night sleep. I can hardly wait.

Aren't these guys just the cutest thing you've ever seen??!!

And of course you-know-who had to jump in while I was making my bed. He is excused, he is the "almost" birthday boy.

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