Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rough, Rough I Tell Ya

It was our first full week back to work and school, and it was rough, rough I tell you. There was homework, long hours, basketball practice, long hours, sack lunches and more long hours. All I wanted to do by Friday night was sleep. And so we did. I put my son to bed at 8:30pm because he too was very tired after a long week, and we both went to bed.

By 7:00am this morning I was up and rested, the kitties by my side, ready to enjoy the weekend. I crafted some while my son slept in and finally around 9:00am he decided to get up as well. He had a basketball game and played like a champion again. This time he made 12 points! I was so proud of him. He too was very proud of himself.

The rest of our day consisted of playing, crafting, visiting with my sister and finally watching Mary Poppins. A good weekend, after a very long week. I sure hope next week is better and maybe the both of us can get in the swing of things again. Oh yeah, we have some 3 day weekends coming again, yee-haw for another holiday.


  1. I felt inspired while reading your profile. Now I know I should get back to another job(I have left my job recently) and do blogging during leisure time. Thanks anyway!!

  2. I see you have a picture that Mary drew...interesting. I just might be rubbing off on you after all. :)

    Your sis