Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Silly Cat

I know I post more pictures of my male cat, Tiger, than I do our female, but that's because he is just more fun! My son will come up with some of the craziest things to do with Tiger, and he just goes with the flow. Last night my son told me to come to his room. I saw this:

My son was cleaning out cabinets in his loft bed, and Tiger decided it was a spot for him to hide. But, he didn't enjoy it any longer when my son tried to climb in there with him.

Tiger refused to get out, so my son just piled the spot full again with his stuffed animals. Can you find the only alive animal in this picture??

Then Tiger decided he needed to exit the cabinet and seek higher ground. I wish I had a picture of this, but he will climb the ladder to get into the loft bed. I have never witnessed something so funny as a cat climbing a ladder. While up in the bed, he can survey the area and will swipe at anyone that walks by. As you can see here:

Since he has front claws, one must be careful or you could be in trouble. Then it becomes a game to him, and he gets pretty rowdy and his eyes get huge. He is so much fun, one of the best personalities I've ever seen in a kitty, and we love him very much.
We love our Calleigh too....even if she does have wacky eyes in this picture. She on the other hand, will just watch the excitement, but usually opts to not par-take in the fun.

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