Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wish I had another Weekend

I wish the weekend wasn't about over. It's been a rough week, and next week isn't going to be much better.

Examiners are visiting my job, nothing like being squeezed under a microscope and answering to their every need. And every once in a while doing a few cartwheels as well.

They aren't ready to leave either.......oh boy.

After working Friday night and Saturday, I was ready for some time away from my job and anything fun. My son's basketball game went into triple overtime with a score of 19 to 19, and after three overtimes, neither team could STILL pull off a victory. The coaches decided to call the game an official tie so the other teams could play their games. Both teams are undefeated, and remain undefeated. It was a great, and exciting game to watch. Kind of felt like the NBA.

When we got home for the day I was ready to put away the last few snowmen sitting around my home and break out the red, pink, hearts and glitter....Valentine's Day. We needed some spunk in our home and vibrant colors. The kitties were wound up since new items were coming out and for some reason they believe it's their "right" to play with, sniff, pat-around, whatever I sit out. During one of my visits to the back of our house, I walk in my kitchen to find this.....

I guess they wanted to survey the new decorations from a higher level.
My oldest niece spent the night with us Saturday night so my sister and brother-in-law could have "date night". As you can tell from my sister's blog, they enjoyed their night away. My son loves it when Sissy (that's what he calls his oldest cousin) comes over. She plays grown up things like basketball, video games and likes to watch TV.

While my son and niece played, I needed some therapy to get my mind away from work so I broke out my Cuttlebug and Nestabilities and cut paper. These two items have become my favorite things to play with. I made some little Valentine treat bags for two girlfriends and my sister. I've shown you other pictures of these sweet little people, I just can't get enough of them and just have so much fun making them. This time I made some cards with the little girls and stamped on some wooden hearts. It just makes me giddy inside. It's the small things that make me happy, if you can't tell.

By 11:00pm I was exhausted and ready for bed. Many evenings I'll pull my comforter off my bed and get it ready, so all I need to do is go crawl in when I'm ready. I did that this day, so when I went to my room, I found Mr. Tiger, snuggled into bed already, hogging 1/2 of the bed. He too thinks my bed is comfy.

Sunday morning, I awoke to this....

Beautiful, even the little critters eating my BIRD food were precious. I guess they need food to keep them warm as well. It's Sunday evening and the weekend is almost over. I am thankful I have a job to hate some days, a home to keep me warm and come home to, a son and niece(s) that enjoy playing together, two fur-balls that rule the home and hog the bed, and lots of paper to play with when the rest of the world is knocking me down. I'll keep telling myself that as I attempt to survive another week.

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