Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Odd...Off...Depressing....Need a new week

It's been a very odd, off and depressing kind of week so far. First, a very dear family, close to my heart, lost their Dad/Father-in-Law/Grandpa. I have met "Grandpa" a few times while visiting my friend's home, but I didn't know him very well, only his family. The daughter's of this family babysit my son during the summer and many other times. Grandpa was a Christan man and all though he left his family behind, I can guarantee he is having more fun than us dancing with Jesus. He passed away Saturday evening after suffering from a massive stroke. Today, I attended his visitation.

Also Saturday evening/Sunday morning, there was another death. However I only know this family from blog land, never met them, but feel like I know everything about them. They have an 11 month old baby that was very recently diagnosed with cancer and after a short battle, lost the fight. You can read about baby Cora here. Even though I do not know this family, my heart aches and aches for them. I can not imagine loosing a child. Today, was baby Cora's visitation and funeral.

Last night while lying in bed praying for these two families I wondered...what happens to babies in Heaven? Do angles take care of them? How do they get to Heaven? For some reason (probably because of movies), I envision people "walking" to Heaven. But if babies cannot walk, how do they get there? Then I started thinking about the timing of Grandpa and Baby Cora's death and thought, maybe Grandpa was waiting at Heaven's Gates to take Cora the rest of the way. Only Jesus knows the answers, but it did make me smile to think of the two of them going to meet our Savior and to know, they were no longer suffering and as happy as can be.

I'm ready for this week to be over and it's only Tuesday evening. My son has an eye infection so we've been at the Dr. this evening already. We have a busy week the next few days...but THEN it will be the weekend (and a 3 day weekend to boot).

Two blessings to look forward to:

1) My son is visiting his Daddy so I'm going on a Valentine's shopping date with a girlfriend. We don't need a sweetheart for this holiday, we'll take each other and go shopping and have dinner.

2) When my son returns home Sunday, we'll celebrate Valentine's Day again with a heart shaped pizza and a movie. No school or work Monday, so we get to sleep in! :)

I will continue to pray for these two families that have touched my life. One I get to see very often, the other probably never. But you don't need to personally know someone to pray for them. God takes all requests.

Much love and Happy Valentine's Day early!

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