Saturday, February 7, 2009

Think Spring!

Here in the Midwest, we had a Spring day and it was wonderful. Most of the snow has melted with 50+ degree temperatures. Everything is wet, but at least it was warm and the sun was shinning. I washed all of the bedding, cracked open a window and enjoyed the beautiful Spring February. Somehow I have a feeling our winter isn't over, but we can enjoy what comes our way.

After another successful basketball game for my son, I came home to play. I wanted to craft something Spring.... maybe Easter! I rummaged through my containers to see what I could come up with. After a snip of this, a brush of that, a sprinkle of this........a new home was born.

I like my pink, glitter, Easter home filled with green grass, flowers and Easter eggs. I'll tuck it away until closer to Easter Sunday. I can't forget or neglect Valentine's Day. Maybe I should make a love shack? :)

Time to go....must play some more. My home is quite, surreal, music playing, candles burning...oh I just LOVE it!!

Here is someone else that loved the bright sunlight.

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