Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Shopping for ME!

Even though yesterday was a day for sweethearts, it didn't phase me a bit to be single. I may be single, but I'm not alone, and that is a wonderful feeling. Not only do I have my beautiful son, superb family, but surrounded by loving friends. Yesterday I was blessed to spend the day with one of my favorite girlfriends. She too is single, so it was a perfect day for the two of us to be together. And let me tell you, we had a blast. As she put it, we did our share to help the struggling economy. Gotta love RETAIL THERAPY!

We started our day at 9:00am and headed to a city about 1 1/2 hours away from here. You may say "why so far?". Well, they have some of the best scrapbook stores. The bigger city closest to us only have Michael's and Hobby Lobby. And all though the both of us love those stores, this other city has some very unique family owned stores with sooooooo many goodies. We just pray they can stay in business since others we like to visit have crumbled with this crummy economy.

We hit our first store and took our sweet time shopping, gasping at the things we would see. Many times throughout the day I would find something I loved, put it in my hands and minutes later when I circled back around the store to meet my girlfriend I would show her my treasure, to find out she picked up the exact same thing. We both have great taste. :)

Adorable Owl chipboard album and Chipboard Mini Book by Jenni Bowlin.

After the scrapbook store we found a bead store that was very neat. We did good, didn't purchase a thing. I can't image starting another hobby, but it did look like fun. From there we hit scrapbook store #2, my favorite. I'm not really sure how long we were there, but I know it was well over an hour. These things take time you know! If you don't browse slowly, you might miss something awesome.

This is the store I found some stamps I have only seen on-line. They are Amuse Rubber Stamps and I just love them. I have pondered over them for months, wishing I owned some. We'll, I finally found a store that stocked them and it was very hard to not sell off my car to buy every one of them. I came away with only three, and all three were on sale so I feel pretty good about myself.

From there we grabbed lunch, found a neat fabric store and had to stop in to buy something for my sissy. My girlfriend and I decided that fabric is so much like paper, just on a much smaller (and cheaper) scale. Well, cheaper if you only buy one piece, which we never do. We picked out some fat quarters for my sissy, that she did love.

Spring Imaginisce rubber stamps that are just so cute, and only $1.00 each!

Now, we were done with this city so we decided to head 2 hours back South to hit another town. Call us crazy, but hey you've got to go where the scrapbook stores on. This one was close to home, so we did at least head in the correct direction. Once we got to store #3 we did find some things we STILL needed and closed the place down at 6:00pm. Whew, a long day of shopping!
I loved these spring stickers, chicks are my favorite. I guess I'm a chick magnet!! Hee-Hee.

It was off to dinner back home at a local Mexican Restaurant and we were both tired and brain dead. We still had things to talk about, even though we were about too tired to eat. I took my friend home with all of her goodies and I came home to crash. It was such a fun day of fellowship and shopping on this holiday weekend.

My son is home from his Dad's and we are having homemade pizza and watching a movie. Time to spend time with my other Valentine date. He is the best "little man" a Mom could want. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day weekend with whomever you shared it with.

Tulips from my favorite flower. A perfect Valentine's Day present.

Roses from my Mom and Dad. Another perfect present.

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