Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Exciting Times Ahead in April

I haven't told you about two exciting things coming my way in the month of April.

1) I am getting my bathroom remodeled.

It's been a long waiting time, ever since we moved in to be honest. Our one and only bathroom is about as ugly as ugly can be. Then to make it worse, all of the plastic tiles started falling off in the shower and now we have big black moldy spots. Not the best environment to be living in, besides the water damage I have started. The tiles are a lovely shade of sparkely gold. Blah!

None-the-less, I decided it's time to break the pocket book and get it remodeled. We are totally gutting the bathroom down to the studs and every single thing in that room....will be tossed. For the last 2 months my Sissy has been helping me shop to pick out everything new. Let's just say, there is NO WAY I could construct a brand new home. I couldn't make decisions for a 12x5 foot room, let alone an entire home! But, with the help of my ever decorating Sister, I made purchases that I am very happy about. And hopefully they will all be pretty once placed together in the new bathroom.

My contractor told me Sunday: "Gut the room this weekend, we'll start work on Monday!" Yee-doggie, I can hardly wait. My son is more excited about gutting the place since he can be as destructive as he wants to be; he can't hurt anything (well, except for himself). My Dad and brother-in-law are coming over to help, or in reality, do all the work. I'll just haul the broken up junk out to the dumpster and try to contain my son from hurting anybody.

If there could be a bad part to the whole thing, the guys come in Monday to start the remodel and that is my first day of vacation from work. So I can't really be at home because I won't have water, at times no power, and a bunch of men running in and out of my house. Therefore, my son and I will temporarily move in with my sister, brother-in-law and two nieces. It will be cozy, but hopefully we'll have a potty back in our home in a couple of days and we can move back. I'll take pictures as the demolition and remodel is happening. Let's just pray for no surprises.

Part #2 will come tomorrow night. Gotta save some other exciting news for another day. I will leave you with this instead, my son being very studious doing his Math homework. I love math, it's my favorite subject and I love to help him with it.

Be Smart, Be Happy...
help a kid with homework!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scrappy Fun

My girlfriend, Dawn and I made it home from St. Louis, and boy did we have fun. We left Friday morning around 8:30am for the three hour drive. While I was loading up the car, I noticed these beauties peeking their head out and it just started the day off perfectly.

Along the way we tried to snap pictures of cool things, but the fast driving wasn't always the best way to get a picture. We saw this huge cross, which I have seen a thousand times on my way to St. Louis, but every time I love to see the size of it. The picture does not do it justice, its size just reaches for the heavens.

The morning started out cloudy, but the closer we got to St Louis, the sunnier it got. We stopped for little breaks along the way, but we were both pretty excited to reach our first stop. One thing that everyone loves to see in St. Louis is the Arch. It's a true sign you have reached the beautiful city.

We headed through the city but then to a suburb to visit Red Lead. This store was in a very, very cute suburb where the streets were lined with flowering trees. We were so surprised at how further along their trees and grass was than hours. A few hours South will do that I suppose.

The roads were so hilly, nothing like the flat lands of Illinois where I live.

Red Lead was probably the store I was most excited about. I wanted to take some pictures to share with you but they didn't allow it. I can understand after stepping inside and seeing all the goodies they had. It was a very eclectic type of store, not your normal scrapbook store. It was more like an art studio with things you need to design your own art. However the first thing I spotted was a large table FULL of glitter. It was in large glass jars with all types of colors and textures.

Here is Red Lead's website with pictures from their store if you want to see all of the cute things.

Once we drug ourselves out of Red Lead, we headed to another extra cute shop, The Inkspot. It was also located in another little suburb with adorable houses and store fronts. They would allow me to take some pictures to share. It was a store full of stamps, with some of the cutest things I've ever seen.

After The Inkspot we hit another cute store in downtown Kirkwood. Next door to this store was a cute True Value store with these Radio Flyer toys in the window. I wished my son was little again because I would have bought one for him. Not sure which one I would have purchased, I loved them all.

We hit one more store before we ended our day of Scrapbook shopping. From there we found our hotel and had a nice dinner. We were both so tired, we were glad all of the stores were closed so we didn't have an excuse to keep shopping.

After dinner we hauled all of our bags into the hotel room so we could look at what we purchased. Usually when we would go into a store we would split up and shop alone, but our paths would cross often to share things we found. We would be looking out for things the other person wanted and make sure to point them out. When we were going through our bags and sharing our purchases, it was funny to see that we bought a lot of the same things but we didn't even know it. We have very similar tastes. I told Dawn we should have been sisters.

Saturday we got up, ate breakfast and headed to our next destination. This one took us back into Illinois a little bit away from St. Louis. It's the famous Archivers that most scrapbookers know about. A very fun store with all kinds of new things, and lots of clearance items. By now it was pouring down rain so I didn't take any pictures on Saturday. Luckily we only had 2 main stops to hit because the weather was pretty crummy. A cold front was coming in and there was talk of snow coming with it.

After Archivers we hit another fun store called The Scrapbook Factory and it was a very large store with tons of stuff crammed into it. We were laughing by now saying "is there anything left we haven't bought??". Well, we quickly found out there was. My sister even asked if everything was starting to look the same as we went from store to store. But the answer was no. Each store carried their own unique items, but there was a little overlap. It was still so much fun to see and shop. Our area doesn't have anything like this so it was nice to finally see all of the new items I could only see on the Internet.

We finished up our shopping, at lunch at Sonic and grabbed some ice cream from a local custard stand we saw along the way. After making one last stop at Sams, we headed home. It was such a fun weekend with my scrapbook friend. I'm so excited to try my new things, hopefully I'll have some pictures to share soon.

Today when I woke up, I was surprised to see this outside. Luckily it melted as fast as it hit the ground. I was in no mood for snow with all of the pretty flowers and budding trees I've been seeing. Hopefully this is the last of the cold weather and summer better be coming up fast.

Hope you had a great weekend, and hopefully you don't have snow either!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hold me down, I'm gonna blow....

...with excitement that is. I'm running away Friday and Saturday on a shopping trip with a girlfriend and I'm so anxious to leave I can't stand it. We are both scrapbookers and one day while dreaming of new stores to visit, she suggested we take a serious road trip....all the way to St. Louis. Before you get too excited, that's only about 3 hours from where I live. Very manageable for a two day trip. However, what might not be manageable, the 8 stores we have on our list to hit.

We have our top 3 that is a must to visit, hopefully time will allow us to visit all the others, and maybe even throw in a nice sit down dinner someplace along the way. I just booked our hotel room, dug out my suitcase (don't worry Dawn...it's a small one), and tomorrow I'll pack. The nice thing about scrapbook shopping, the packages are small so you have MORE than enough room in your car for all of the goodies you buy. You can do a lot of damage in one small bag.

I hope to be "somewhat" frugal and be wise with my expenditures. We are learning about saving money to get out of debt at church. We should have booked this trip before that class started. :) In any event, it will be fun getting away with a dear friend and seeing all the goodies the big city has to offer that I only get to read about on other ladies blog's. I can also guarantee we will have a lot of laughs along the way.

I'll be sure to take pictures. As my sister said "You can't go on a scrapbook shopping trip and not take pictures!!". Fill you in Saturday when we return!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sleepy Time

Are these guys a bunch of lazy bums or what? This was taken early in the morning, when the both of them needed to get up. Is it sweet or what?

Happy almost Friday!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Basketball, Beams of Sun, Beets, Bum

Today is brought to you by the letter "B".

Basketball - We started our day at 9:00am by playing in a basketball tournament. Today was the end of our season, topped off with two games of ball. The first game, they tied the team, 18-18. This is the same team we tied with last time we played each other in double overtime. The second game, well they lost. The first loss of the entire season. However, they had a great season and the boys played very well together and were very excited about the trophies they each received.

My son receiving his trophy. I have a feeling this will find a home front and center on his shelf above his desk.

The whole team.

Beams of Sun - The weather was beautiful again in our hometown. Not super warm, but the sun was just beaming. I was working in the kitchen and noticed it streaming inside. Thursday evening I put our Easter decorations out and the beautiful sun was making my table glow.

This little fella is an absolute favorite. Isn't he cheery??!!

This Easter Bunny photo frame has a picture of my son when he was 2 years old. It was his very first Easter Egg hunt. I remember it like it was yesterday. We went to another bigger city for the hunt and they had thousands and thousands of eggs. He was so excited, but when they blew the whistle to run and collect eggs, he got scared. He immediately started crying and wouldn't have anything to do with the hunt. All of the other Mommies standing around said "Go with him, help him pick up eggs." It was against the rules, but I helped him just get started and once we collected a few eggs together, he was off and running on his own. I loved this day.

Very pretty Gerber Daisies in my red sap bucket.

Beets - I am on this kick of loving beets. I have been purchasing them from the grocery store and roasting them. They are quite messy when you are peeling them, but oh are they yummy. I just sliced them, drizzled with Olive Oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper and roasted in a 425 degree oven for about 25 minutes. So tender and sweet. Ooh-La-La

Bum - The major bum of the house, Tiger was in all his glory today stretched out on the big chair. He was laying on his back with this belly open wide for the world to see. Such a lazy bum.

Smiling for the picture, a well known trait of his.

Oh yes, and one more...

Bloom - My Daffodils bloomed. Aren't they lovely?

Friday, March 13, 2009

And The Winner Is..........

I didn't want to mess with a random counter to pick the winner of my give-a-way, so here is how I did it in an attempt to be fair. I had three whole people leave me a comment so I wrote each of their names on a piece of paper. I folded them up tightly, shook the heck out of it, tossed them on the floor to see which one Tiger would smell first, and that was how I chose the winner.

And the winner is....................my sister. :)

I swear, I did it fair and square Mom and Dorenda, I can hear you now.

Sissy, let me know if you would like the bunny or which chick. I can bring it to the basketball game tomorrow. Thank you too for a wonderful supper tonight, it was yummy and lots of fun as always.

For my two other blogger friends (Mom and Dorenda), stay tuned I'm sure I'll have another give-a-way one of these days. Love you all!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Last Chance.....

Tomorrow night I will draw the bigger winner of my post. I have THREE whole people who have commented. Yee-Doggie! My sister did it twice, sorry sis, only counts once, but I'm sure she is fine with that. Speaking of my sis, I'm going to her house for dinner tomorrow night with three other girlfriends. She wanted to have "The Birthday Club" over for dinner, even though we don't have a birthday to celebrate. Can't wait, I know dinner will be yummy and the fellowship will be even better.

I'm so ready for a weekend, just wish the weather was warmer. Now for all of you out there that read my blog, remind me mid-July when I'm complaining about the hot weather how I wished it would come. I know I will quickly forget.

Better go spend the rest of the evening with my little boy. He is with his Dad this weekend. Happy Thursday, and check back tomorrow for the BIG winner!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

101 Post

I'm so excited, I just counted up my posts and since I started my blog, I have done 100 posts...this will be 101! I think this is a reason to celebrate. Now I know my blog has pretty much gone "un-noticed" to the entire world, but I'm going to do something fun. I see all the time different ladies will have a give-a-way on their blogs. They end up with over 1,000 comments from other ladies hoping to win...show offs. Well, for the 5 people out there that read my blog,

I'm having a give-a-way!!!

Leave me a comment and somehow I'll draw a name. There are random counters out there, or so I've read, I'll have to figure that out too. OH well, it will be fun trying.

Now for the prize, I'll let you pick which chick or bunny you would like from my last post. If you live in my hometown and win, I'll deliver it to your door. If you are my Aunt that lives in Colorado, I'll mail it. :) I can't really say that family is excluded from my give-a-way, because 4 out of 5 readers are family.

So, go ahead and post a comment, and tell me what you love most about Spring. I'll pick a winner in a few days and let you know who wins. I'm so excited I can't stand it!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

All Finished

Remember my little yellow chicks and bunny I made out of paper mache? They are all finished and dolled up ready for someone to have. I'm not done with the blue bird, he will come later. What do you think?

Last night I went outside to do a little yard work since the weather was so beautiful and look what I saw! Oh it was so exciting. Spring is definitely coming!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Is In The Air

It's been a beautiful day here in the Midwest, a true sign that Spring is coming. Our temperature reached the low 70's and every animal in our family was loving it. Today I took a vacation day from work and spent the entire day with my sissy. Before I took my son to school, I opened up a few windows at home so the kitties could enjoy the warmer weather.

Needless to say they both knew the sound of an opening window and rushed to jump up in it. While my son at his breakfast, I opened the sliding glass door to our patio and Tiger, was front and center. I think he was so excited he was overjoyed and didn't know what to do. In an attempt to get as much of his body in the warm breeze, he squeezed his big booty between the screen door and the sliding glass door. Then...he got stuck.

He would wedge himself between these two panes many times, but refused to stop trying. I don't really know what he was trying to do, but he was enjoying himself. Calleigh on the other hand, sat in the kitchen window prim and proper like a little lady should, staring at her brother and Lord only knows what she was thinking.

After the kiddos were dropped off at school, I headed to my sister's house so we could head North to "Big City". My sister shared with me that today is her kitty's birthday. His name is Simon and he is very "large and in charge". Simon is 6 years old. He was propped up on the table looking rather handsome, perched for all the world to take in his beauty. He is a bit stuck up, but I still love him. :)

It was time to hit the road, we've got to get this shopping expedition on the road. We shopped at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, the Mall and JoAnn's fabrics. I looked at scrapbook items, she looked at fabric. But we both loved looking at all of the Easter goodies. My sister fell in love with a stuffed chocolate bunny with pink ears. She bought him for herself. He was very cute. In between shopping we met a girlfriend for lunch at Chili's and had great fellowship. It was a very fun day with my sissy.
We got back home in time to pick up the kids from school. While I was leaving my sister's house to head to school, her little doggie, Sophie, jumped in my car because she thought she needed to go for a ride. So Sophie and I head to school to pick up my son. He was very surprised to see Sophie in the car waiting for him...he did receive lots of licks. Sophie loves to go for rides and especially with the windows down. She was in heaven sticking her head out the window, smelling the air and her ears blowing in the wind. I couldn't resist taking these cute pictures of her.

It's 4:30 and my son is outside playing his favorite sport, basketball. He too is loving this warm weather. I sure hope it's here to stay. I'm BEYOND ready for tulips, green grass, ladybugs and warm afternoons. Not only are the animals loving it, so am I. Happy Spring day to you, where ever you are.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring Chicks

I'm making something new, Spring animals. I have chicks, a bunny and a blue bird. So far, the bunny and the chicks have a coat of paint, but that is it. They are still pretty bright, but I hope to change that. These things take time, I must study them (and then have the energy to finish). I hope to have them done by this weekend, so I will share the final product with you later. Have something fun I'm working on, can't wait to roll it out!!

Hope it puts you in the Spring mood!
Even though this is not a picture that portrays Spring, I had to share it with you. My son painted it in school and it just came home this week. I love his snowman, it will go in my box of homemade goodies from him and his school days.