Friday, March 13, 2009

And The Winner Is..........

I didn't want to mess with a random counter to pick the winner of my give-a-way, so here is how I did it in an attempt to be fair. I had three whole people leave me a comment so I wrote each of their names on a piece of paper. I folded them up tightly, shook the heck out of it, tossed them on the floor to see which one Tiger would smell first, and that was how I chose the winner.

And the winner sister. :)

I swear, I did it fair and square Mom and Dorenda, I can hear you now.

Sissy, let me know if you would like the bunny or which chick. I can bring it to the basketball game tomorrow. Thank you too for a wonderful supper tonight, it was yummy and lots of fun as always.

For my two other blogger friends (Mom and Dorenda), stay tuned I'm sure I'll have another give-a-way one of these days. Love you all!

1 comment:

  1. Alright!!!! Thanks Tiger for picking your aunts name!! I knew all that loving that I give you each time I see you would pay off. Hee hee! How on earth can I decide which one...they are both so sweet! You pick for me and suprise me. See you at the 11:00 game! And give that "furry nephew" of mine a scratch behind the ears from me. :)