Saturday, March 14, 2009

Basketball, Beams of Sun, Beets, Bum

Today is brought to you by the letter "B".

Basketball - We started our day at 9:00am by playing in a basketball tournament. Today was the end of our season, topped off with two games of ball. The first game, they tied the team, 18-18. This is the same team we tied with last time we played each other in double overtime. The second game, well they lost. The first loss of the entire season. However, they had a great season and the boys played very well together and were very excited about the trophies they each received.

My son receiving his trophy. I have a feeling this will find a home front and center on his shelf above his desk.

The whole team.

Beams of Sun - The weather was beautiful again in our hometown. Not super warm, but the sun was just beaming. I was working in the kitchen and noticed it streaming inside. Thursday evening I put our Easter decorations out and the beautiful sun was making my table glow.

This little fella is an absolute favorite. Isn't he cheery??!!

This Easter Bunny photo frame has a picture of my son when he was 2 years old. It was his very first Easter Egg hunt. I remember it like it was yesterday. We went to another bigger city for the hunt and they had thousands and thousands of eggs. He was so excited, but when they blew the whistle to run and collect eggs, he got scared. He immediately started crying and wouldn't have anything to do with the hunt. All of the other Mommies standing around said "Go with him, help him pick up eggs." It was against the rules, but I helped him just get started and once we collected a few eggs together, he was off and running on his own. I loved this day.

Very pretty Gerber Daisies in my red sap bucket.

Beets - I am on this kick of loving beets. I have been purchasing them from the grocery store and roasting them. They are quite messy when you are peeling them, but oh are they yummy. I just sliced them, drizzled with Olive Oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper and roasted in a 425 degree oven for about 25 minutes. So tender and sweet. Ooh-La-La

Bum - The major bum of the house, Tiger was in all his glory today stretched out on the big chair. He was laying on his back with this belly open wide for the world to see. Such a lazy bum.

Smiling for the picture, a well known trait of his.

Oh yes, and one more...

Bloom - My Daffodils bloomed. Aren't they lovely?


  1. Cut those lovelies down and bring them inside where you can enjoy them! No need to let the neighbor lady have all the fun with them. :) You know how much I love Sesame I will play along to....
    Bye...Big Sis
    Hee hee :)

  2. oh...and your knife looks like it has Blood on it....more letter "B" stuff. ;) HA!