Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Exciting Times Ahead in April

I haven't told you about two exciting things coming my way in the month of April.

1) I am getting my bathroom remodeled.

It's been a long waiting time, ever since we moved in to be honest. Our one and only bathroom is about as ugly as ugly can be. Then to make it worse, all of the plastic tiles started falling off in the shower and now we have big black moldy spots. Not the best environment to be living in, besides the water damage I have started. The tiles are a lovely shade of sparkely gold. Blah!

None-the-less, I decided it's time to break the pocket book and get it remodeled. We are totally gutting the bathroom down to the studs and every single thing in that room....will be tossed. For the last 2 months my Sissy has been helping me shop to pick out everything new. Let's just say, there is NO WAY I could construct a brand new home. I couldn't make decisions for a 12x5 foot room, let alone an entire home! But, with the help of my ever decorating Sister, I made purchases that I am very happy about. And hopefully they will all be pretty once placed together in the new bathroom.

My contractor told me Sunday: "Gut the room this weekend, we'll start work on Monday!" Yee-doggie, I can hardly wait. My son is more excited about gutting the place since he can be as destructive as he wants to be; he can't hurt anything (well, except for himself). My Dad and brother-in-law are coming over to help, or in reality, do all the work. I'll just haul the broken up junk out to the dumpster and try to contain my son from hurting anybody.

If there could be a bad part to the whole thing, the guys come in Monday to start the remodel and that is my first day of vacation from work. So I can't really be at home because I won't have water, at times no power, and a bunch of men running in and out of my house. Therefore, my son and I will temporarily move in with my sister, brother-in-law and two nieces. It will be cozy, but hopefully we'll have a potty back in our home in a couple of days and we can move back. I'll take pictures as the demolition and remodel is happening. Let's just pray for no surprises.

Part #2 will come tomorrow night. Gotta save some other exciting news for another day. I will leave you with this instead, my son being very studious doing his Math homework. I love math, it's my favorite subject and I love to help him with it.

Be Smart, Be Happy...
help a kid with homework!

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  1. PaPa has to be Bunny at the Park first. Did he forget to relay this? It won't last long. I wonder what it would feel like to tear a room apart? I guess only men know this.You could get rid of a lot of frustrating days this way. Now the little man of the house will get to use some of his TOOLS.Get lots of snapshots.Luv BigO