Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hold me down, I'm gonna blow....

...with excitement that is. I'm running away Friday and Saturday on a shopping trip with a girlfriend and I'm so anxious to leave I can't stand it. We are both scrapbookers and one day while dreaming of new stores to visit, she suggested we take a serious road trip....all the way to St. Louis. Before you get too excited, that's only about 3 hours from where I live. Very manageable for a two day trip. However, what might not be manageable, the 8 stores we have on our list to hit.

We have our top 3 that is a must to visit, hopefully time will allow us to visit all the others, and maybe even throw in a nice sit down dinner someplace along the way. I just booked our hotel room, dug out my suitcase (don't worry Dawn...it's a small one), and tomorrow I'll pack. The nice thing about scrapbook shopping, the packages are small so you have MORE than enough room in your car for all of the goodies you buy. You can do a lot of damage in one small bag.

I hope to be "somewhat" frugal and be wise with my expenditures. We are learning about saving money to get out of debt at church. We should have booked this trip before that class started. :) In any event, it will be fun getting away with a dear friend and seeing all the goodies the big city has to offer that I only get to read about on other ladies blog's. I can also guarantee we will have a lot of laughs along the way.

I'll be sure to take pictures. As my sister said "You can't go on a scrapbook shopping trip and not take pictures!!". Fill you in Saturday when we return!


  1. Have fun sweetie. You are very deserving of a getaway. You have been working to hard lately. You two just relax and enjoy the 2 days.I wish you ,the best sunny spring weather for the weekend. BigO

  2. Oh..How I wish I were going along to. Except paper and stickers are not my thing! Now fabric....oh my land! :) I hope you and Dawn have a lovely time. Don't forget to stop and drink the coffee along the way to! ;)
    Your Sis