Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scrappy Fun

My girlfriend, Dawn and I made it home from St. Louis, and boy did we have fun. We left Friday morning around 8:30am for the three hour drive. While I was loading up the car, I noticed these beauties peeking their head out and it just started the day off perfectly.

Along the way we tried to snap pictures of cool things, but the fast driving wasn't always the best way to get a picture. We saw this huge cross, which I have seen a thousand times on my way to St. Louis, but every time I love to see the size of it. The picture does not do it justice, its size just reaches for the heavens.

The morning started out cloudy, but the closer we got to St Louis, the sunnier it got. We stopped for little breaks along the way, but we were both pretty excited to reach our first stop. One thing that everyone loves to see in St. Louis is the Arch. It's a true sign you have reached the beautiful city.

We headed through the city but then to a suburb to visit Red Lead. This store was in a very, very cute suburb where the streets were lined with flowering trees. We were so surprised at how further along their trees and grass was than hours. A few hours South will do that I suppose.

The roads were so hilly, nothing like the flat lands of Illinois where I live.

Red Lead was probably the store I was most excited about. I wanted to take some pictures to share with you but they didn't allow it. I can understand after stepping inside and seeing all the goodies they had. It was a very eclectic type of store, not your normal scrapbook store. It was more like an art studio with things you need to design your own art. However the first thing I spotted was a large table FULL of glitter. It was in large glass jars with all types of colors and textures.

Here is Red Lead's website with pictures from their store if you want to see all of the cute things.

Once we drug ourselves out of Red Lead, we headed to another extra cute shop, The Inkspot. It was also located in another little suburb with adorable houses and store fronts. They would allow me to take some pictures to share. It was a store full of stamps, with some of the cutest things I've ever seen.

After The Inkspot we hit another cute store in downtown Kirkwood. Next door to this store was a cute True Value store with these Radio Flyer toys in the window. I wished my son was little again because I would have bought one for him. Not sure which one I would have purchased, I loved them all.

We hit one more store before we ended our day of Scrapbook shopping. From there we found our hotel and had a nice dinner. We were both so tired, we were glad all of the stores were closed so we didn't have an excuse to keep shopping.

After dinner we hauled all of our bags into the hotel room so we could look at what we purchased. Usually when we would go into a store we would split up and shop alone, but our paths would cross often to share things we found. We would be looking out for things the other person wanted and make sure to point them out. When we were going through our bags and sharing our purchases, it was funny to see that we bought a lot of the same things but we didn't even know it. We have very similar tastes. I told Dawn we should have been sisters.

Saturday we got up, ate breakfast and headed to our next destination. This one took us back into Illinois a little bit away from St. Louis. It's the famous Archivers that most scrapbookers know about. A very fun store with all kinds of new things, and lots of clearance items. By now it was pouring down rain so I didn't take any pictures on Saturday. Luckily we only had 2 main stops to hit because the weather was pretty crummy. A cold front was coming in and there was talk of snow coming with it.

After Archivers we hit another fun store called The Scrapbook Factory and it was a very large store with tons of stuff crammed into it. We were laughing by now saying "is there anything left we haven't bought??". Well, we quickly found out there was. My sister even asked if everything was starting to look the same as we went from store to store. But the answer was no. Each store carried their own unique items, but there was a little overlap. It was still so much fun to see and shop. Our area doesn't have anything like this so it was nice to finally see all of the new items I could only see on the Internet.

We finished up our shopping, at lunch at Sonic and grabbed some ice cream from a local custard stand we saw along the way. After making one last stop at Sams, we headed home. It was such a fun weekend with my scrapbook friend. I'm so excited to try my new things, hopefully I'll have some pictures to share soon.

Today when I woke up, I was surprised to see this outside. Luckily it melted as fast as it hit the ground. I was in no mood for snow with all of the pretty flowers and budding trees I've been seeing. Hopefully this is the last of the cold weather and summer better be coming up fast.

Hope you had a great weekend, and hopefully you don't have snow either!

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  1. I am totaly jealous. It has been years? since I have had a girls get away. You both were so deserving so I won't be the least bit critical of your time away. Now....I want to see the good things that come from all these wonderful finds. have fun creating.BigO