Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day #4 with no Bathroom

Well, I would like to report that things are getting better with the remodel, but that isn't the case. However, before I tell you the newest drama, everything has worked out so I'm thankful for that. And in the end, I know it could be 100 times worse, so I need to be happy with things so far. But today, just about put me over the edge.

Last night I went home one last time to make sure the cats were fine, took them out from my bedroom (that is where I lock them during the day to stay out of the construction guys way), and I noticed it was chilly in the house. I had turned the furnace down because I knew the guys would be hot, but it seemed rather chilly. Well, I noticed it was 59 when I had it set on 66. My Sister and I fiddled with it, but no luck, it wouldn't turn on. Called in the reinforcement, Dad, and he fiddled with it, no luck. We called the main contractor, he told Dad to try some things, still no luck. He decided to drive to town, fiddled with it, NO LUCK! Luckily, I wasn't staying there and the cats had fur coats, so we left it for this morning. But I still worried about my kitties. This whole demolition has them in a tizzy with the commotion, men, loud noise, and just being stuck in my bedroom all day long. There Mama is feeling sorry for them.

The electrician came over early this morning and he found out the problem with the furnace. When they climbed in my attic to hook up the exhaust fan, he hit a wire that gave the furnace power. It needed re-wired because it was a crummy job, so he fixed it while he was up there. So now I have heat. Good news for the fur coat cats.

Now for the even better news. I stopped by the house today to see how the furnace was going and check on the kitties again. Calleigh was in my bedroom locked up, but I could not find Tiger. I searched that house high and low, 15 times, couldn't find him. The only guy working said he never saw him all day. I have a little trap door in my bedroom that leads to the water pipes for the tub and the guys had it opened up. It also lead to the crawl space and you could see under my house. When I saw that, I knew Tiger squeezed through and fell under my house. I called and called him from the opening and he never came. So, I got under my house and crawled all over. Still no cat. By now I was panicking, I just knew he was gone or dead.

I walked all around outside calling for him thinking he got in the crawl and found an opening and ran away. Nothing. I went back to my bedroom and wished Calleigh could talk and tell me where her brother went. I squatted down and looked in that little cut-out wondering if he had wedged himself between the bathtub and the wall. Sure enough, he was there. STUPID CAT! The drywall had come loose and he couldn't get back to the opening so he was stuck next to the tub. I thanked the Lord I found him, grabbed him by the nape of his neck and pulled him out. Then immediately screwed the screws into that little trap door so it's closed up.

This thing sure has been stressful to only be on day #4. I called my Dad and said "Tell me again why I wanted to do this?". He just laughed. Glad he can laugh. Here is Calleigh after her brother was found, "making bread (kneading)" on my blanket. Guess she too felt better her brother was home safe with her. Or maybe she could care less and was thinking.... "You dumb butt".

Things are moving along nicely given the drama. Here is a picture of what my room looks like so far. Can't wait to sit in that deep tub and soak!!! Look out Mr. Bubbles, here I come.

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