Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Exciting Times

As promised....exciting item #2.....

2) Creating a monthly scrapbook journal.

One of my favorite blogs to look at is Ali Edwards. She is so creative and has such fun, unique and beautiful ideas, I just love looking at her blog for inspiration. Last Christmas she made a December album to document the month of December. I fell in love with the idea and wanted to make one so bad, but I didn't want to start it mid stream, I wanted to prepare ahead of time as she suggested. So, I waited.

I book marked the link to her design and found myself looking at it over and over (as seen here). I was telling my scrapbook girlfriend about it and she suggested I make a similar album for Spring. Not only could I document the Easter holiday but everything else beautiful that goes with the Spring season. Loved it!

So, over the last month or so, I have started digging out items I would like to use in the album. I first decided on an acrylic album cover, you could use whatever you like. I am not very familiar with rub-ons so I wanted to embellish my covers with those, that was the main reason I went with acrylic (plus, I had one on hand already so no need for another purchase).

From there I just started cutting out 8x8 paper or adding paper I had in that size. Ali stresses over and over, prepare as much as you can before hand, so you can enjoy adding any pictures or journaling each day instead of stressing over the design of your pages. Here are a few pictures of what I have so far, but I didn't exactly get everything ready even though it is the first day of April. Oh well, gotta go with the flow.

This morning I was taking all kinds of pictures, my son will hate my by the time April 30th rolls around, but it won't all be about him. Just in the month of April we have the following:

Easter - many things to focus around but most importantly the resurrection of Christ
Easter play at church - my son has a part in the play
Mom's Birthday
Dad's Birthday
Entire family on my Mom's side is coming home for my Uncle's Visitation
Baseball Season in full swing
Bathroom remodel

Whew! I'm already tired and it's only April 1st (Happy Fools Day by the way). So, it will be a fun month and gives me a reason to take extra pictures of all the flowers. I don't want this to stress me out. I know I'll get behind some days. But next week while I'm on vacation I plan to get my pages more laid out for the days ahead and make sure I stay on top of the first few days. I'll post more pictures as I get some done.

If this inspires you to create an album for any reason, or even no reason at all, check out Ali's blog. She has wonderful ideas and they are not fancy, just easy ways to create lasting memories to enjoy for years to come. Grab that camera, life goes by quickly, take some pictures and enjoy the beauty of God's creations.

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