Friday, April 10, 2009

Finally Home

I'm finally home, the worse of the bathroom remodel is over. Hallelujah! The bathroom is not totally done, but I can use the brand new toilet and tomorrow morning I can use the shower, so life is good. I'm still trying to get used to it and so are my kitties. I don't feel like I'm in the same home except everything else is familiar. All I can say is I have two fluffy kitties that are very happy to see me here. In fact, Tiger is curled up between my arms as I am typing this. And to make it really feel like home, he is purring.

My son and I have been nervous over the last week because our Tiger was very upset with the whole remodel. He would hide and never come out, not even for us. We really had to coax him, with a can of tuna. He would never purr (which he did a tremendous amount before), so we were scared he was ruined for life. But, that doesn't appear to be the case.

I cannot thank my Sister enough for everything she has done this last week. Besides welcoming us to her home, she feed us, did our laundry, cooked dinner, gave up her bed for us and even bigger, came over yesterday to help me clean my entire house and help me paint the bathroom. She is such a life saving and I love her dearly. I must thank my Dad and Brother-in-law as well because of all the help they gave during the demolition. I love you ALL so very, very much.

Even though my son and I were not home, we did have a lot of fun staying with my Sister and her family. There were kids to play with all the time, older cousins to help with homework, another "Mom" around all the time to help with whatever, so it was perfect. Here are some pictures from the last few days.

Thursday my Sister and two girlfriends went shopping while all of the kids were in school. We live near an Amish community and they have the neatest "bulk food" store where we can find every goodie imaginable. Even....pork rinds. My sister thought these were weird and why would anyone want to eat them? But I'm sure there is some poor soul out there that loves them. We passed on that purchase.

This handsome fella' was standing next to a fence wanting his picture taken. A true work horse.

Picking my son up from baseball practice one night. He had a long way to run to get to the car.

My sister and I went to the house Thursday to paint and I had a little accident. The lid to the ceiling paint wasn't quiet on and I spilt a little on the garage floor. Oops!

I have some weird plumbing issues going on that have nothing to do with the demolition. The tub gurgles when I do laundry...I know it's not good. But one thing at a time. So last night while my Sister and I were painting, we were also doing laundry and all of a sudden bubbles started pouring out from the wall. I yelled "Crap! Get me a towel" and she came running. All was well, we cleaned them up and shoved a towel in the hole and finished painting, and laughed a bunch in the meantime.
My brother-in-law watched the kids while we painted and when we finally took our achy bodies home, we pulled into the garage to the loud sound of music. The kids were playing karaoke on the Wii. My son was singing a Hanna Montana song. I had to laugh.

This morning while packing up our things, Mr. Simon was perched on one of his many pieces of furniture looking all handsome.

The kids wanted to color Easter Eggs before Sunday, so we decided to give that a whirl. We did the stand-by colored and for a little zip tried some tie-dyed eggs. For all of you Mom's out there, stick with the regular dye boxes, the tie-dyed is entirely too messy.

After the eggs-travaganza, we met up with two other girlfriends and their kids to watch the new Hanna Montana movie that was released today. I must say, I'm not a big Hanna Montana fan, but it was a good movie. All of the kids involved enjoyed the show.

From there it was back home to a finished bathroom. My son met up with his Dad and will be with him for the rest of the weekend so its just me and the two kitties. My Sister came over to help me hang up the shower curtain in my new bath and check it out one more time. The two kitties joined us at their first look at the new bath as well. Now they could see what all of the commotion was and the reason behind them being locked up in my bedroom each day.

It took Tiger many trips in and out to smell everything. Calleigh, she rushed right in, sniffed a little and found her home in the sink. Her normal hang out spot. I think she was fine with the new bowl. The exhaust fan in the ceiling was new, and she kept starring at it.

Tiger was a lot more cautious of everything and took his time scooping it out. He finally got up the courage to jump on the vanity where his Sister was. And finally, after almost 7 days, he gave his stamp of approval too while perched in his favorite spot.

I can't wait for tomorrow when I can shower in my new bathroom and later that evening take a long, hot soak. Oh it will be lovely.

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