Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mom's Vacation - Fun Things To Do

As you know, I'm on vacation this week while my bathroom is getting remodeled. It has been nice to be home so I can check in on the kitties and the progress of the bath. It's not great to get kicked out of your home since there is only one bath, but my sister has opened up her home to us and the hospitality has been wonderful. My sister, niece and son are all sick, so I would really like to move back home so my sister can have her home back with some peace and quiet. But, I think we still have a few more days of the remodel before that can happen.

My son is in school this week Monday - Thursday, but I am meeting him for lunch as much as I can. Tuesday I picked him up and we actually met my sister and her co-workers for lunch at Monical's pizza. My son thought it was cool to eat lunch with Mom and his Aunt. Today I am picking him up but we will come back to my sister's for lunch. He doesn't care where he eats, as long as he can leave school for a bit.

have also been picking him up after school each day instead of going to his after-school daycare. He has really been thrilled with that. Yesterday when I picked him up we went out for an afternoon snack. We have the neatest Candy Kitchen in our town. The kitchen was open when I was a little girl, but closed in my early teens. Years later, the two daughters of the owner opened it back up and it's been a hit. It's even been on national television. I love going there and sitting at the fountain bar just like I did when I was a little child.
The Candy Kitchen has such charm besides all of the yummy homemade chocolate they make from scratch. They also make homemade ice cream. My son choose Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough while I went with Lemon Chiffon. Both were yummy. When we were done with the ice cream we had to check out all of the chocolate goodies. They were especially overloaded with the coming of Easter. The colors of foil wrapped Easter Eggs made me so giddy, just like a kid in a candy shop I suppose. We picked out a couple things to share with my sister and two nieces, but I would rather package it all up in a gigantic Easter Basket and take it all home.

Each evening my son and I go home one last time to check on the kitties before bedtime. They are lonely without us there. But, they are surviving. We all are ready to have our old lives back...won't be long. Here was the beautiful sun set as we were driving. Hope your week is going well.


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