Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Dad's Birthday

This past Sunday was my Dad's birthday. Both Mom and Dad celebrate them in April. My Dad loves to fish, doesn't get to do it probably as much as he would like to, but over the past few years he has started going more often. His best friend, my Godfather, was a HUGE fisherman. The two of them have gone their entire lives. Dad lost his best friend to cancer a couple years ago, but he is keeping the tradition going as much as he can.

Of the few things Dad mentioned that he wanted for his Birthday, they all involved fishing. My Sister found this cool hat and even though she wasn't sure if he would wear it, she decided to get it for him anyway. Between fishing, yard work, little bit of golfing, or just whatever, Dad claims he will wear it. Regardless, we all got a good laugh out of him wearing it during his Birthday party. It fits his personality so well and he had to give us a totally goofy grin.

And Simon the cat liked Dad's new fishing pole as well.

My Sister and Brother-in-Law also gave Dad a ticket to an upcoming Cub/Cardinal baseball game. My Dad is a die-hard Cub fan, while my brother-in-law loves the Cardinals. They are playing in St. Louis at Bush Stadium, but Dad is thrilled to go.

To make the game even better, my Brother-in-Law surprised my son with a ticket to the very same game. My son has never been to a major league baseball game and even though he too is a Cardinal fan, my Dad will love to be with him for his first big game. At my Dad's party my Brother-in-Law gave my son his first Cardinal baseball cap and tucked inside was the ticket. He was thrilled!!!

Dad's favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake. Since strawberries are just now in season, it was a very yummy dessert to have. And no birthday is complete without a candle. I love you Dad!!

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