Monday, April 20, 2009

A Time to Remember

This weekend we held my Uncle's memorial while all of his family returned home. He passed away in February but my Aunt Pat scheduled the memorial when everyone could fly home. I have cousins in Texas, California and Florida, so many came from across the states. There are three sisters, my Aunt from Colorado (that was here also visiting), my Mom and my Aunt Pat that lost her husband.

All of my cousins came, which was very nice to see them again and get caught up on their lives, and they even brought their children. My parents had a house full, more than what their house is supposed to hold. There were little 1 year old toddlers to "young" Aunt and Uncles and everything in between.
Even though there were lots of tears shed, it was a very fun weekend to spend together with family. I don't know when we will all be together again, but I hope someday we can all be gathered, hopefully over better circumstances.
Here are some pictures to highlight our weekend.
My cousin from California and my Aunt Pat.
My cousin from Texas...her Grandson. He was a highlight of the weekend, that kept us all entertained with his ability to lay chicken eggs. You had to be there to see it.
My cousin from Texas, her Granddaughter. One of the most beautiful babies I've seen. She could smile and frown in a matter of seconds. And boy could she turn on the charm!

My Uncle, the man whose life we celebrated, and who contributed to all the wacky family members we have. But that includes me too.
The three sisters...My Aunt Pat, my Mom, My Aunt them all!!!!
My son had to wear his cowboy hat in honor of Uncle Delmar, the TRUE cowboy. He wore this hat all day.
My cousin from Texas, the one with the two Grand babies. Our kids latched on to her like glue the moment they met her.
Saturday we had a lunch for all of our families. After dinner people sat around and talked, the kids played, and before long, we were playing drums on our Worship Band's drum set. Well, at least my Dad was the one entertaining us. Silly PaPa!

By Saturday night, the memorial was over and there were lots of tears. Everyone was ready for some happy times. My cousins from California like to dance, but when my Dad brought out his dance tunes (Wipe Out), they were cracking up....and probably embarrassed for us. That's OK, we're used to Dad's dancing tunes. It took a lot of coaxing to get Seth to dance to this music, but he gave in (after using his own tunes on his i-Pod), and showed us how they dance in California. His Mom joined in too. I can only imagine what Mom's neighbors were thinking at this point. Party at the old folks home! (sorry for the side way video, I don't know how to rotate it)


My cousin from California... her two totally hip kids, Roxy and Seth. I know they were thinking we were the biggest red necks from Illinois they ever witnessed. But we all fell in love with them as soon as we met them. We have grown up seeing pictures of these twins growing up and met them when they were little, but now they are both almost 21 and two wonderful adults. They didn't believe my Dad was the Easter Bunny, so he had to prove it. I'm not sure they were too thrilled to be 21 and still forced to get their picture taken with the Easter Bunny, but hey, welcome to your family from Illinois!!

So as you can tell, we had lots of laughs in the midst of sad times. We all had stories to share of my Uncle Delmar and life on his farm with my Aunt Pat and all 4 cousins. The younger kids would just laugh at us. Those are memories we will never forget and I'm thankful I have a family to share them with.

Prayers continue to go out to my Aunt and cousins. Lots of love from home.

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