Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Birthday Girl

Today is my SISTER'S birthday! She is 42 years old...I am the baby of the family just so everyone knows....but she still looks like she is 20. And I do mean that sissy. This year we had to celebrate her birthday a day early because my son was supposed to have a baseball game tonight. However, more rain cancelled the game so in the end we could have celebrated today.

Nonetheless, we celebrated yesterday and we hosted the party at our home. My son is always saying he wants to have a party, so a party we had. It's a very common thing in our family to go all out for birthdays; decorations, yummy food, presents and just good times. So, I set out on the decorations while shopping with my Mom on Saturday. We were at Hobby Lobby and saw the cutest decorations...a Circus! The plates and napkins were so cute, I couldn't pass them up. When I started decorating, one thing led to another and my mind kept thinking of little items to add to it so that it felt more like a real Circus. My son dug out little animals from his closet so we could decorate the table, we bought Circus Peanuts (those orange marshmallow candies), Burnt Peanuts and we popped some popcorn. I was looking for cotton candy, but none of the stores in our town had any in stock. That would have been an excellent addition.

My sister was surprised when she saw the table. I believe she liked it, even if it was more of a kids theme. She wanted hamburgers on the grill, German Potato Salad and ice cream pie. No birthday is complete without cake so I baked some confetti cupcakes with pink icing.

Here are a couple of wacky cousins junked up on too much sugar. Those Circus Peanuts put them in a sugar over-load and they were being a bit weird.

After presents we had ice cream pie and cupcakes (just what the above two Yaa-who's needed). I had little cotton candy picks for the cupcakes and one little candle for my sister.

And every birthday dessert deserves to be served on a silver platter. Happy Birthday Sissy, I love you!!

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