Sunday, May 24, 2009


All of those April Showers brought May flowers as promised. However my gardening skills usually consist of annuals, so I had to seek out the flowers for my garden at the local nursery. But nonetheless, I love them just the same.
One thing I started last year and simply loved was to plant herbs in two big planters I have outside my kitchen on my patio. Basil is my most favorite herb, just like my Mom, so I buy many plants so I'm guaranteed a large harvest all summer long. I also enjoy Oregano and Italian Parsley, so those are planted together in another pot.

I fill other containers with flowers I love, or in the case for this year, flowers my Mom bought for me, that I also love. I like to try new greenery as well and not just stick with flowers.

But our most satisfying plant of all is our new vegetable garden. My son and I have been wanting a garden since last summer so my Dad helped make our dream come true. On the other side of our fenced in backyard my Dad tilled a little garden for us and protected it with a mini chicken-wire fence. Hopefully this will prevent all the bunnies that live in my yard from treating our garden like it's a Sunday morning buffet.

Yesterday my Dad and son set off to purchase plants for the garden. My Dad is a big gardener so I told him to buy what he wanted to plant, and we'll take care of the rest. I know we have tomatoes, cabbage, onions, beets, pumpkins (guess who wanted those), squash, zucchini, Sunflowers (my pick) and probably other things, but that's all I can remember right now.

My son took a hoe to the garden already this morning to see if there were any new weeds. I think we were covered since we just dug it up yesterday, but I give him an A+ for effort. I'm very excited about having our own garden and hopeful it will provide an abundant harvest of goodies. I'll keep you posted as the summer progresses.

Time for bed. We have a birthday party at our house tomorrow! Can't wait.

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